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AMI-BOTS AssistantHumanizing the BOT experience

BOT framework is implemented across multiple industries for easing work process, connecting and providing chat assistance and making things interactive. Existing solution providers support with various BOT options - from ChatBOT to Voice BOT as a service, yet these aren't always efficient enough to address demanding tasks requiring cognitive computing. Futurism brings expertise and knowledge of advanced AI technologies realizing BOTS capable of working on complex tasks and taking interaction experience to the next level.

ChallengesHere are some of the challenges faced by businesses that result in customer churn

Deep Learning Needs Quality Data

Deep learning works best when it has many quality data available to it, and this performance grows as the data available grows. However, when enough quality data simply is not fed into a deep learning system, if can fail quite badly.

AI and Expectations

There is quite a discrepancy between the novice expectations of AI technologies and the actual potential uses of AI. The perception that media tends to report is one of the super-smart computers with cognitive capabilities that will eventually replace many jobs humans would normally do.

To be Production-Ready

With the latest stats showing 75% of enterprises investing in AI, there will be growing pressure on organizations and their developers to transition from modeling to releasing production-grade AI solutions.

Secured Deep Learning

Deep learning networks have some potentially exciting applications for empowering cybersecurity. However, taking a step back to the networks themselves, and bearing in mind the propensity for outputs from these models to alter after input modifications, these networks may be vulnerable to malicious attacks

Futurism Solutions

AMI BOT drive new business models & revenue using smart strategies and new technology. Our services of AI can offers payments and transactions with risk management, front office, core banking and cover many more activities. If you are not sure where or how to start leveraging AI in your company? Get the guide for one-to-one guidance.

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