How Manufacturing Major Saved $6000
per Week through
AI-Driven Chatbot

Executive Summary

From the last 15 years, the client is manufacturing high-quality printed circuit boards for the companies of all sizes. With 20000+ dealers and retailers across China, client manufactures standard PCBs, prototype PCBs, and Advanced PCBs. They have further diversified their offerings by providing turnkey PCB assembly services. A regular name in the list of top innovators of the current time, the client is currently operating in 12 countries.

Client Challenges

  • The company’s main challenge was online branding and they aimed to promote their brand through content marketing.
  • To capture the details of a large number of distributors and retailers, the client was using an in-house enterprise management system
  • The client also used it to keep an eye on manufactured PCBs
  • However, the existing system was old and designed as per the then requirements
  • It failed to incorporate the details of the growing network of distributors and retailers
  • This inefficiency resulted in –

  • Distributors and retailers started to contact the client more frequently for enquiring about account balance, shipment status, payment dates
  • The number of such calls went up to 500. In the past, it hovered around 200 - 300
  • Some dedicated and crucial resources were involved in only addressing the support issues, which upped the cost by 15%
  • Since client was spending more energy on resolving support issues rather than focusing on mission-critical tasks, productivity was reduced by 20-25%

Technology Stacks

  • SAP
  • Microsoft BOT Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure Cloud

Our Solutions

  • The main pain point of the client was the increasing number of calls, as they were consuming a significant time of their critical resources
  • The client wanted to reduce the calls along with ensuring the increased information availability to distributors/retailers
  • Automating the support service was the most viable and feasible solution
  • We proposed and developed AIML based Chatbot solution (AMI)
  • The solution saw following implementations –

  • Microsoft LUIS framework used to develop Chatbot solution absorbed user inputs and identified intents and entities to be used by Chatbot
  • Azure hosted SQL Server with the UMLS Meta thesaurus queried the database using identified intents and entities
  • The backend component processed responses and guided interactions with the user, as well as acted as the middleman between the NLP and Database

Quantifiable Benefits

  • 80% increase in the support response rate
  • 60% reduction in the support call
  • Chatbot implementation reduced the support overhead cost to $6000 per week
  • 76% rise in overall productivity

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