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  • Overview
    Data Analytics Services

    Today, organizations are driven by digitization and digital transformation. With the rise of digital media, it has become a necessity for organizations to stay active, and in touch with their customers across various digital platforms. This means there is a huge volume of business data created every day. Most businesses understand that structured data will give them deep insights about markets, internal processes, and customers buying behavior. However, they find it with difficult to manage, and segregate important data and insignificant information. To solve this issue, these competitive business organizations utilize the power of analytics to get access to accurate data, which will help them understand aspects like performance bottlenecks, identify risks, and make informed decisions.

    Futurism Technologies leverages its domain expertise to deliver analytics and insights to clients. Our services allow our clients to devise productive marketing strategies, improve their Return on Investment (ROI), measure and mitigate risks, and make informed financial decisions. We help businesses to take efficient business decisions with our domain-specific services.

  • Offerings
    Data Analytics Service Offerings
    • Customer Analytics: Through this service, we help our customers understand their customer buying behavior, consumption trends, and improve customer loyalty. We help them devise strategies to improve the value of their customer lifecycle. We can provide:
      • Campaign Analytics
      • Pre-Campaign Services
      • Planning and Budgeting
      • Campaign Set Up and Execution
      • Monitoring and Reporting
      • Response Capture
    • Financial Analytics: We allow businesses to manage their investments, cash flow, and expenditure efficiently. We provide advanced financial analytics services such as:
      • Research and Analysis
      • Financial Modelling and Valuation
      • Editorial and Graphical Presentations
    • Risk Analytics: Today, business organizations are operating in a volatile environment, which exposes them to risks and uncertainties. Our risk analysis services are designed to help organizations identify potential risks. Also it help them avoid chances of fraudulent practices, and devise contingency planning, and improve their forecasting.
      • Model Building
      • Integrating Big Data and Analytics in Your Existing Environment
    • Supply Chain Analytics: Today, businesses are trying to improve their ROIs by optimizing their supply chains. We empower businesses to improve their supply chains by providing enhanced business analytics. We employ Cogent WebApp the provides the following types of supply chain analytics services:
      • Demand Forecasting
      • Spend Analytics
      • Inventory Optimization
    • Sales and Marketing Analytics: Business enterprises are challenged to retain customers and meet the demand for customized services. They always look for a framework that will help them understand customers’ buying preferences and behavior, build engagement plans, and help maximize their ROIs.
    • Operational Analysis: Our data experts can conduct real-time analysis of operational processes to help clients optimize their business processes, identify inefficiencies, and potential risks, and eliminate them. We aggregate data from different sources such as social media platforms, or internal database to help our clients.

  • Related Offerings
    Data Analytics Solutions - Offerings
    • BI: Our business analysts help clients track, analyze, and interpret business data to enhance their performance. We can integrate tools and practices into the company’s system to translate any data into actionable insights.
    • Data Science: Data management is becoming a big challenge for many business organizations. Our data science services and solutions allow businesses take effective data-driven decisions, optimize their business operations, and identify market opportunities.
    • Machine Learning Solutions Using Data Science: Businesses have known for the longest time that selling more products to an existing customer is generally easier than converting a new customer.
      Futurism offers smart solutions to enable businesses to seek out more revenue from their existing customers using Data Analytics.
      To know more about Futurism Machine Learning, please Click Here
    • Big Data Management: The data growth is here to stay. Futurism Technologies help its clients utilize data effectively, maximize their business revenues, and increase their operational efficiency. Through our Big Data Management services, we help businesses realize their performance markers, identify revenue leakages, and more.

  • Differentiators
    • Employs Predictive Analysis to Lead the Competition: We employ various predictive analysis services to help clients stay ahead of the competition. Our service offerings are designed to provide complete insight of the business, which helps our clients to enhance their performance, and get rid of their deficiencies.
    • Enhances a Customer Experience across Various Digital Channels and Products: We help our clients leverage customer data on preferences, patterns, feedbacks, wish lists, and enquiries. This helps them ensure a seamless customer experience, encourage brand engagement, and increase profitability.
    • Decision Making Hub: We leverage deep data mining, and analytical expertise to interpret large volumes of data including real time data. These insights help our clients to make informed business decisions.


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