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Application Development and Maintenance Services

  • Overview
    App Development and Maintenance

    Today, business organizations understand that their business applications play a major role in driving their success. With the emergence of cloud and mobile-based applications, and the convergence of several digital platforms with existing business models, these organizations understand the need to optimize their business applications. Today, IT leaders are driven by the challenge to incorporate cutting-edge applications to their existing IT landscape. They expect this integration to be done in such a way that it doesn’t affect their existing legacy systems, but help them make a create differentiation in the domain they operate.

    Futurism Technologies helps organizations manage their application portfolio through customized solutions. We combine our knowledge of best technology practices and industry knowledge to develop business solutions, which can make a significant impact on the business, and its IT environment.

  • Offerings
    App Development and Maintenance services Offerings
    • Application Evaluation and Assessment: This service concentrates on evaluating the existing client application with regards to risks, performance, and constraints, issues, compatibility with business requirements, and scalability. Additionally, our experts evaluate whether the application is easy to maintain, or if it follows best coding frameworks or not.
    • Full Range of Application Development Services: Application development lifecycle comprises several small features such as project management, business analysis, requirements development, design, development, testing and implementation. Our innovative methodologies, in-depth technological knowledge, offshore delivery centers, and assets enable clients to gain benefits such as improved quality, increased efficiency, and enhanced time to market capabilities.
    • Comprehensive Range of Application Development Capabilities: Our application development capabilities including the following and more:
      • Custom Application Development
      • Mobile Application Development
      • Content Management Systems Development
      • Web and Portal Development
    • Legacy Application Modernization: Maintenance and management of legacy systems is very challenging in the fast-changing technology environment. Many business organizations find it challenging to reuse their legacy systems in such environments. Companies try to overcome legacy system challenges by integrating, or replacing it with new technology platforms, or COTs, but with limited, or no success. Our legacy application modernization services enable businesses to preserve their legacy systems, and reuse them efficiently to meet changing business requirements.
    • E-Commerce Applications: Today, businesses are looking for E-Commerce solutions that connect them to buyers through B2B and B2C business channels, integrate their buying process, and provide seamless integration of payment gateways. We allow clients to take advantage of services ranging from design to implementation of their E-commerce model through our industry leading Cogent ® Commerce Suite.
    • Application Maintenance and Enhancement Services: Futurism aids in maintenance and enhancement of existing applications. This is done through our teams located at offshore locations.
    • User Experience Development: Today, business organizations have realized that the success of their IT applications relies on the user experience. This is why Futurisms’ User Experience Development Service focuses on UX design and development in every stage of application development. Our user experience development services portfolio focuses on:
      • End-to-End User Experience Design
      • User Experience Interface Engineering
      • User Experience Consulting Services

  • Differentiators
    Differentiator - App Development
    • Comprehensive Range of Development Services: Futurism provides comprehensive end-to-end application development services, which support the conceptualization, design and development, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of IT applications.
    • Result Focused Delivery: We provide result oriented Application Development Services to all our clients. Our services range from initial application development to application and portfolio development. Throughout the project lifecycle, our focus is on the organization, and delivering measurable results.
    • Customized Solutions: Our business solutions address specific client needs. We have expertise in a variety of methodologies, including XP, Waterfall, Scrum, and Agile methodologies. Our approach is tailored around methodologies, resource management models, and delivery models that address a client’s operating environment, business objectives, and goals.
    • Investment in Agile Solutions: Our experience in agile solution delivery helps our clients to benefit from the latest methodologies, engagement models, and tools without outstretching their budget. All our business solutions are tailored to meet the demands of the business, its operating domain, and customers.
    • Extensive Domain Experience and Expertise: Clients can easily benefit from our in-depth industry knowledge and domain expertise. Futurism’s application development services support agility and predictability. Our experts have shown their expertise across industry verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, and banking and finance services.
    • Cost Efficiencies: We help our clients reduce the application development costs by providing process driven and scalable solutions. Additionally, we help them maximize the value of their existing applications through feature upgrades, and other value-added services.
    • Tested and Proven Methodologies: We employ tested and proven methodologies to create working applications that meet business requirements. Our approach focuses on the periodic delivery of a software application. This iterative process helps us ensure that an application is built as per the client’s requirement, and delivers optimal business value.
    • Core Expertise: We can develop turnkey business applications, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business. Our application development experts have vast industrial experience, and they have proficiency in addressing domain-specific challenges. Our competency with legacy systems, as well as evolving technologies, has helped us deliver value-driven applications to clients.
    • Quality Assured Development Practices: We employ robust and reliable QA approaches. These help us ensure quality at each phase of development, and extend quality applications to our customers at cost-effective prices.


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