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Futurism Technologies provides its mission-critical technology and business expertise to clients and business partners to achieve high performance and value for their businesses.

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Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Services

  • Overview
    Internet of Things services

    Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are enabling enterprises to address complex business challenges that was not earlier possible using traditional engineering and IT solutions.

    Futurism Technologies has made significant investments in building special Center of Excellence around AI. Over the years, we have acquired enhanced competencies and comprehensive AI technology expertise that has enabled us to support businesses like you.

    We, at Futurism Technologies, are committed to reshape your business through the following AI offerings:

    • DS Professional Services
    • Machine and Deep Learning
    • Cognitive Computing
    • Data Mining
    • Image Analytics
    • Recommendation Engine
    • Social Media/ Web Analytics
    • Marketing Analytics and Decision Optimization

  • Offerings
    Internet of Things service Offerings
    • Virtual Assistant: Our solutions enrich user experiences with their capabilities like natural language support, speech recognition, etc. These solutions are often used as collaborative agents, DIY support, customer support assistants, etc.
    • Knowledge Virtualization: Futurism’s AI solutions can comprehend and curate a volume data into a valuable knowledge. Our solutions refer to various knowledge databases for decision making while acting as advisory systems, diagnostic experts, etc.
    • Cognitive Automation: In various systems, process automation happens on the basis of machine-learned, or user-defined instructions. Our solutions are employed for user- experience management modal interactions, automating software releases, or automating problem resolutions.
    • Visual Computing: We have employed our AI expertise to develop various visual computing applications, which can ably analyze, as well as synthesize interactive interfaces, as well as identify different significant patterns.
    • Robotics Process Automation: We blend artificial intelligence technologies and various automation components to create a service stack that improves a customer’s productivity. Our solutions enable customers to easily manage data analysis and aggregation, transactions involving various IT systems, transactions prone to human errors, as well as routine high volume processes.
    • Predictive Analytics These AI solutions utilize a vast range of statistical techniques to analyze the existing and historical facts to make predictions. We have employed our expertise to design anticipatory systems, recommender systems, etc.
  • Differentiators
    IOT Differentiators
    • Flexible delivery and operational model: Leading to on-time high quality deliverables
    • Leverage dedicated remote team:Strengthen your team dynamics
    • Extensive vendor and partner ecosystem:Stay a step ahead in digital transformation journey
    • Flexible and effective customer relationship:Customer-centric solutions
    • Proven track record of helping companies integrate disruptive technologies


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