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Artificial Intelligence with Human BiasOur Bots Are Only Just Behind Human Intelligence

Bots are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with the World and the Chatbot Market size is set to exceed USD 1.34 billion by 2024. Today, solution providers support with various BOT options - from ChatBOT to Voice BOT as a service, however, still the businesses are struggling with their ROI. The reason is - incapability to respond to complex tasks. Futurism brings expertise and knowledge of advanced AI technologies realizing BOTS that are capable of working on complex tasks and taking interaction experience to the desired level. We build Bots using the natural language concept so that their response is close to that of humans.

ServicesMoving Towards Robust Societal Impact Applications

Virtual Assistant

Our solutions enhance user experiences with their capabilities like natural language support, speech recognition, etc. These solutions are often tasked to perform important business functions including below,

  • Making phone calls

  • Sending text messages

  • DIY support

  • Customer support assistants

  • Checking flight status

Knowledge Virtualization

    Futurism’s AI solutions can comprehend and curate a volume data into a valuable knowledge. Our solutions refer to several knowledge databases for intelligent decision making while acting as below,

  • Advisory systems

  • Diagnostic experts

  • Hardware-assisted systems

  • Desktop Assistant

Cognitive Automation

    In various systems, process automation happens on the basis of machine-learned, or user-defined instructions. Our solutions finds use in user- experience management modal interactions, automating problem resolutions or automating software releases. We provide,

  • Smart IoT

  • AI-Enabled Cybersecurity

  • Content AI

  • Natural Language Processing based on intent

Visual Computing

    We have employed our AI expertise to cultivate several visual computing applications, which can themselves analyze, as well as create interactive interfaces, as well as recognize different significant patterns. This service finds use in the following applications,

  • Computer facial modeling and animation

  • Audiovisual training

  • Complex system simulation

  • High performance and real-time computing

Robotics Process Automation

    We blend artificial intelligence technologies and various automation components to create a service stack that improves a customer’s productivity. This service finds use in,

  • Enabling customers to easily manage data analysis and aggregation

  • Transactions involving various IT systems

  • Transactions prone to human errors

  • Routine high volume processes

Predictive Analytics

    These AI solutions utilize a vast range of statistical methods to analyze the existing and historical facts to make predictions. Our team of experts design anticipatory systems, recommender systems, etc. for our clients. This service finds extensive use in,

  • Customer segmentation

  • Risk assessment

  • Churn prevention

  • Sales forecasting

  • Financial modeling

The ImpactBuilding rewarding experience for clients

Our Value PropositionInvesting, Innovating and delivering new AI experience

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