Automated Veterinary Practice Management System for a Veterinary Services Provider

Executive Summary

The client is a well-known veterinary practice organization in the US that was using a cloud-based veterinary practice management software for improving the staff efficiency and patient care.

Client Challenges

  • The system allowed no module integrations.
  • It supported no online billing/payment.
  • The system had several performance issues that lead to its poor usability.
  • The inventory module of the system was not synchronized with the core system and the POS system.
  • This non-synchronization demanded human intervention and there were high risks of human errors.

Technology Stacks

  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 5
  • Zend Framework (MVC)
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript
  • jQuery

Our Solutions

  • The team at Futurism Technologies conducted in-depth analysis of coding requirements, before deciding on the right technology to re-build the application.
  • This decision helped in seamless integration of the system with all modules.
  • The payment system Stripe was integrated with the system.

Quantifiable Benefits

  • The inventory management is now easier, as users can manage it from the POS system or the main system.
  • The inventory data is automatically synchronized.
  • Integration of Stripe has simplified the online payment and reduces human efforts.
  • The entire billing cycle of the organization and the inventory is now managed through the system.
  • Query/Database optimization has helped improve the performance of various reports modules.

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