Importance of Cloud Computing to the E-commerce Industry

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August 6, 2014 - 3.2K
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Importance of Cloud Computing to the E-commerce Industry

Cloud computing has opened up the idea of virtualization of vast server infrastructures. It has made a huge impact on a variety of industries worldwide. One industry that has been greatly impacted is the e-commerce industry. E-commerce companies can have their own private cloud and use the cloud computing services for the e-commerce website’s benefits.

Benefits of Cloud Computing to E-commerce

E-commerce companies can avail various benefits by taking cloud computing SAAS.

• Trust: These days, cloud computing is already being used by large internet based MNCs like Amazon and Google. Businesses that work with these companies can leverage the existing cloud systems to reach out to more customers.

• Large Savings: Cloud computing is extremely cost-effective; thanks to its metered approach and ‘pay as you go’ contracts. Virtualized servers can help companies save up to 80% of expenditure.

•  Fast App Setup: The speed at which e-commerce companies can make applications live on the cloud computing serve is five times faster than normal servers.

•  Immense Company Growth: When customers respond positively to apps that were created with the help of cloud computing, companies have an opportunity to grow their business at a much faster rate.

• Strong Security: Cloud computing providers take strategic steps to ensure complete data protection. Many providers even go for ISO 27001and various types of security audits to prove their worth to customers. Security measures can be implemented at all 3 levels– application, facility, and network.

• Organizational Improvement: The use of cloud computing would open up many opportunities to improve internal organizational process. A few examples would be regulation of backend processes, more focus on core competencies, and enhancement of product development and service quality.

The continual growth in cloud computing will result in more e-commerce communities on cloud networks. This in turn will lead to a complete shift of working and service offering processes of e-commerce companies.

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