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Learnings from the MSPWorld Conference by Santosh Kotnis

Futurism Technologies - October 21, 2016

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Learnings from the MSPWorld Conference by Santosh Kotnis

Recently, Futurism Technologies was awarded MSPAlliance Group Membership. This membership has given Futurism the opportunity to utilize MSPAlliances network to enhance awareness of managed services and cloud industries. Nothing epitomized this better than when Futurism Technologies attended the MSPWorld Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 9th to 11th, 2016.

Mr. Santosh Kotnis, EVP, Global Infrastructure Management Services & Cloud Solutions, Futurism Technologies, represented the organization at the conference. It gave him an opportunity to network with peers and colleagues, discuss ideas and learn from members of other organizations present at the conference. He shared his experiences with us in this post.

I attended the MSPWorld Conference in Las Vegas, after having travelled to Europe to meet one of Futurism’s largest customers. The client and I had discussions on automation, enhancing knowledge about latest machine technologies, and how organizations adapt to the ever changing needs of customers. By fortunate circumstance, these topics were exactly what were discussed at the conference, he smiles.

Mr. Kotnis found the conference to be a well-planned event, and felt that the activities held were extremely beneficial to all who attended. He says, For me, there were 5 main points that I took away from the conference:

  • The first thing was meeting industry veterans. I had the opportunity to listen to their experiences, and how they came up with great solutions to problems. It was an absolute pleasure to listen and learn from them.
  • The conference was a great place to learn about the new trends and technologies that are coming up in the industry. A variety of new, innovative ideas, as well as how they can help increase company revenues were discussed at length. It was interesting to see how organizations are coming up with new and improved technologies.
  • The conference sponsors had put many of their products on display. It was great experiencing the products up close, and how their design helped meet customer requirements.
  • Another reason for attending the conference was networking. There is no doubt that conference networking is a huge advantage. I was able to meet peers, whose organizations are working on new solutions, and enhance my contacts in the industry. It was also a great learning experience to understand how other companies provide cutting-edge solutions to help enhance their services and improve customer experience.

Mr. Kotnis feels that his experience at the MSPWorld Conference will be extremely beneficial for Futurism employees.

I am sure that what I have learned at the conference will have a positive impact on my colleagues and juniors at Futurism. When we slowly start integrating the new knowledge, I am certain that we will be able to improve our services, and customers experience of working with us, he states.

Futurism exists, and is successful because of its customers. With positive learning from the conference, the organization will be in a better position to meet customer requirements.

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