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  • Overview
    Business Consulting

    Today, business organizations are striving to utilize every small opportunity that comes their way. The operating environment is becoming challenging and competitive. IT is no longer considered an additional expense, and has become a key growth driver in any business organization. Many business organizations find it challenging to manage their IT infrastructure, transform their functional areas, and implement change management.

    Futurism Technologies helps them achieve organizational transformation through functional, process, and strategic transformation. Our services are designed to aid businesses improve their effectiveness, operational efficiencies, and performance, as well as reduce operating costs.

  • Offerings
    Business Consulting Services Offerings
    • Business Process Services: Our industry-savvy consultants enable businesses to rethink how to run businesses efficiently. We collaborate with clients to understand their business objectives, performance parameters, and non-performance factors. This continuous collaboration helps us create a roadmap to improve their performance, drive growth initiatives, and enhance their productivity.
    • Quality Engineering and Assurance: We employ advanced testing and QA practices to ensure that the business solutions operate as expected. Our experienced QA team employs rigorous testing procedures to ensure that the business solutions meet quality standards.
    • Program Management: Business success is the measure of implementing effective ideas into action. Futurism helps businesses implement their ideas into action through its program management services. Our experts serve clients by delivering industry-leading services, tools, and methods. We have managed some effective transformation programs for our corporate clients.
    • Business Transformation: Organizations are striving to change their business models to address changing technologies, market conditions, and explore new markets, and customer segments. These changes in business dynamics drive businesses to devise new business strategies. With our business transformation services, we at Futurism help businesses create new operating models. Futurism’s operating models are simple, easy to implement, and help clients maximize their business opportunities, and minimize their operating costs.
    • Information Technology Transformation: Today, business organizations depend on various types of IT dependent tools such as CRM, HR tools, and Data Analytics to conduct their business. These tools are impacting business decisions in organizations. However, IT is also one area that needs constant improvement because technologies are changing faster than ever before. Futurism helps business organizations drive IT transformation by providing specific services such as :
      • IT Strategy Development: We develop IT strategies that can be easily aligned with organizational business goals and objectives.
      • IT Architecture Design and Improvement: Our IT process solutions include organization-wide IT efficiency management, application development and maintenance, tools rationalization, IT infrastructure management, and IT architecture design, and lean IT services.
      • IT Cost Optimization: We develop a dynamic and reliable IT strategy that allows businesses to keep their IT costs at a minimum.
    • Digital Transformation: Futurism Technologies helps businesses improve their digital experiences. Our services enables businesses to improve their visibility across the various digital platforms, and maximize benefits of digital marketing.
    • Sustainability: We can help businesses maximize the value of their existing software and legacy systems through a dedicated service offering - Sustenance Engineering.

  • Differentiators
    Differentiator - Consulting
    • Focus on Strategy Development and Implementation: Be it a unique IT implementation, or process strategy development, our experts can perform it efficiently. Through our expertise and vast domain experience, we support clients in evaluating, designing, and implementing efficient enterprise solutions into their existing framework.
    • 100% Business Centric Solutions: We always focus on building value-driven and business centric solutions for our clients. Our technology-agnostic business approach allows us to deliver solutions that ensure high productivity.
    • Industry Experience: Our team has demonstrated their expertise in multiple domains. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry’s best working tools and practices allow us to evaluate, design, and implement winning strategies for our clients.
    • Reduced TCO and Risks: Our extensive domain experience and technology implementation knowledge help us select and implement tools effectively. This helps clients reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and other risks that emerge in transformation management.
    • Client Satisfaction Guarantee: Futurism helps clients transform their businesses for the better, and serve their customers appropriately. We get repeat service orders from our clients. We provide unparalleled client satisfaction, and ensure they receive maximum value by investing in our services.


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