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Every year, many companies lose nearly tens of billions of dollars due to customer churn. Telecom companies are at the top of this list. Customer churn results in to significant revenue loss of a business, than the cost of acquiring a new customer. As a result, customer churn or losing customers to competitors is considered as the biggest hindrance in the growth of any business. Futurism helps you predict and prevent customer churn with the help of Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and automation. Our strategic data analytics enables you to make dynamic changes in your marketing methodologies or even the products. We know that the perfect blend of Big Data and Data Analytics will render the desired effects; i.e. to prevent customer churn! .

ChallengesHere are some of the challenges faced by businesses that result in customer churn

Lack of customer service

This is the biggest turn off for the customers. If the customer service is bad or lacks certain aspects, customers may start turning away from your business or brand. Customer service creates customer experience; good customer service creates good experiences, while bad customer service creates a bad experience.

Unable to keep the customer going with your service

Many brands easily acquire a huge number of customers. However, many of these customers often abandon the brand after a while. Customers either don’t find the service attractive anymore or simply don’t understand certain aspects of your service.

Customers are unhappy about the service

This is quite obvious. Customer sentiments are extremely important for gauging the success of the service or product. Several businesses fail to understand this or are not able to gather enough data that can indicate whether the customers are happy or not.

Increased prices

You may have increased the rates of your product or service due to genuine reason. However, if the customers are finding it costlier than your competitors; they may abandon your business altogether.

Futurism Solutions

Futurism Technologies has made significant investments in building these competencies and required domain knowledge through COE. Futurism understands these roadblocks which give rise to customer churn. Hence, we provide solutions that tackle the root cause and also make sure that customer churn is prevented in the future. Analytics is the base of our solutions and modern technology drive its processes. Here are the solutions that we provide to various organizations to prevent customer churn.

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