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  • Overview
    Cloud Computing Services

    Futurism’s Cloud implementation and managed services offerings help enterprises move towards finding innovative methodologies to strategize and optimize their business goals/operations, data security, application development and find new opportunities of market expansion.

    Futurism drives the cost advantage to the customer through aggregation; the platform based delivery manages the cloud, on-premises and private cloud environment; driving tremendous amount of benefits which we pass to the customers.

    Cloud Services:
    • Cloud Advisory Services
    • Cloud Migration and Deployment
    • DevOps
    • Cloud Managed Services
    • Cloud Backup and Storage
    • Cloud Security Services

  • Offerings

    Introducing Futurism Technologies Cloud Practice

    Futurism Technologies Cloud Practice

    Our Cloud Expertise

    Cloud Expertise
  • Framework & Toolkit

    Futurism’s Platform Based Cloud Adoption and Cloud Managed Services (CMS)

    Futurism’s platform based delivery ensures the predictability and correctness of data integrity. Cloud Managed Services protects the cloud investments and drives higher ROI.

    Platform Based Cloud Adoption and Cloud Managed Services

    Futurism Technologies: Driving Value from Aggregation

    Platform based approach for cloud lifecycle management
  • Differentiators

    Our Cloud Asset Creation

    1) Cloud Value Added Components:

    Cloud Value Added Components

    2) Cloud Accelerators:

    Cloud Accelerators

    Futurism: Value Proposition

    Value Proposition
    • Technology neutral architecture for the ability to extend existing system management software
    • Configuration based customization and extension of new or enhanced meta services
    • Ready-to-use adapters for leading vendors in the cloud industry
    • A toolbox of utilities, guidelines, cookbooks for migration to the new platform
    • Strong cloud computing technology architect pool for delivering solutions specific to each client’s needs
    Business Value
    • Usage based pricing model reducing overall IT costs
    • Seamless move towards asset-light infrastructure
    • Ability to abstract underlying technical components thus enabling plug and play architecture
    • Ability to leverage global eco-system such as access to best of the breed cloud solutions
    • Strengthening IT governance policies and procedures

    Key Features
    • Efficient enterprise-specific standards for best of the breed cloud solutions
    • Monitor the use of deployed cloud resources and their performance on demand
    • Manage and analyze cloud providers against defined SLAs
    • Process and view billing information across cloud providers in a standardized manner
    • Define chargeback mechanism

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Futurism Technologies has caught the attention of some of the world's leading certification organizations.

The company has been in the limelight for its constant endeavor to provide quality products and services to its customers.