Migrating and Managing Cloud for a US-based Health Management System

Executive Summary

The client is a US-based health management system that wants to set up a cloud environment and onboard applications with a unique configuration.

Client Challenges

  • The client wanted to automate workflow approvals and deploy processes.
  • Another requirement was the deployment of VMs with a special configuration for application workload deployment.
  • The client also wanted to combine cloud and the on-premise data center.

Technology Stacks

Our Solutions

  • Our team conducted an analysis of configuration requirements and standard operating procedures for deployment.
  • We made production environment configuration changes for different hypervisors.
  • The integration of automation tool (Puppet) was made with AWS.
  • The stakeholders signed off end-to-end testing.

Quantifiable Benefits

  • 41% reduction in TCO Technology Offshoring Automation
  • Scalable/flexible architecture to satisfy fluctuating business
  • Significant increase in time-to-market for new products
  • Efficient DR through cloud
  • Reduction of DC footprint by 40%
  • Improved productivity: Better collaboration

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