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Branding and marketing are “Push” and “Pull” factors of any business. They are balanced with a mix of various strategies and techniques. Strategic planning requires you to put on your thinking caps with a dash of creativity. This is where our cumulative experience of 15+ years comes into play. We provide a set of result-driven, integrated and 100% digital marketing and branding solutions that will help you – Generate Brand Awareness, Build Leads, Drive Sales, and Skyrocket Your Business Growth.


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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the summation of marketing strategies, enriching web experiences, lead generation, sales, and business transformation. Going digital is just a beginning of the transformation journey, it takes lots of inputs to “be there” at the forefront of the digital revolution. This is where new age digital marketing services can help you, and we are the One!

Futurism Technologies not only helps businesses to build, market, and promote their products, services, and brands online, but also help them navigate through the complex digital landscape. Our experienced team of digital marketers specialize in the design and development of performance, results, and value-driven digital marketing experiences that can easily meet your business goals, and customer expectations. We believe the strength of our digital marketing services lies in our expanding set of core competencies that are refined to deliver tailored solutions to our clients.

Digital Marketing Services

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Conversation Rate Optimization

  • Email Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Keyword Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization

  • Local Search Engine Optimization

Online Marketplace Promotion

51% of the people now buy products and services online. By now, 80% of your friends, prospects, and customers have already made an online purchase this month. The numbers will further rise. Can you see, there are lots of opportunities for your or your business to sell online? There are fewer chances that you may succeed. Why? Because the competition is against online portals such as Amazon and eBay. The competition is tougher than what you expect. This is fuelling the online advertising costs and shooting your marketing budgets. Finding what works for your business and how to get the value of your marketing investments will make a real difference. Just remember: Only focused and aligned online marketing methods will help you succeed in ever-expanding and competitive marketplace.

This is where we can help. At Futurism Technologies, we help clients to identify the promotional online avenues, which will work best for their business. Online Marketplace Promotion Services

  • Ecommerce marketplace management, and optimization

  • Amazon seller account setup, management, and reporting

  • Competition Analysis

  • Amazon sponsored product ads setup and management

  • Product listing ads— setup, management, and reporting

  • Product listings with content and pictures

Social Media Marketing

Why should you take social media seriously? It is because 72% of buyers still take on various social media sites to check the credibility of your business and services. With Social Media, your stores, services, and products are never closed.

Social media marketing is basically the use of social media platforms to promote your products and services. This is a great marketing tool for big as well as small businesses to reach their targets. A combination of right strategy, perfect timing, and 100% efficient planning is what you may require to succeed in social media. This is where we can help. At Futurism Technologies, help create a value for your brand across various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more.

Social Media Marketing Services

  • Social Media Audit

  • LinkedIn Profile Creation & Management

  • YouTube Channel Creation & Management

  • Facebook Page Management

  • Twitter Account Management

  • Community Management

Paid Marketing

What is the most fearsome thing for any business? Seeing their customers buying from their competitors. To avoid this they end up spending heavily on advertising. Some advertising strategies may work, some may not, thereby driving the business to seek new avenues. At Futurism Technologies, we specialize in paid search marketing and advertising that delivers maximum value to your business. Right from planning budget for your advertising to building value-driven campaigns, we take care of all your paid marketing requirements. Our first, second, and third aim is boosting your business revenues by designing enriching and personalized paid marketing campaigns. Are you ready for it?

Paid Marketing Services

  • Search Advertisement.

  • Ad Copyrighting And Testing.

  • Display Advertisement.

  • Bing Ads Setup And Management.

  • Video Advertisement .

  • Conversion Rate Optimization.

  • Product Listing.

  • Bid Management.

Web Analytics

Gaining a leading edge in the digital marketplace is becoming challenging. Building a website is not enough to drive a business. You need to implement a digital marketing strategy that performs. Again it takes an in-depth understanding of customer behavior to build a successful marketing strategy. This is where your dependence on web analytics increases.

Web analytics is all about analyzing user behavior. With this you can form patterns of user preferences and optimize your website for better results. This is not enough. You need to monitor and track your website every day to understand the difference. With so many other things to take care of, this tracking can be difficult. We, at Futurism Technologies, implement custom analytics to meet your business requirements. We conduct daily audits to measure the performance of your website. With this you get to know the pages and links most visited and how you should customize information. Our team provides results with detailed explanations, which helps bring consistency to your campaigns and allows you measure campaign performance transparently.

Web Analytics Services

  • Web Analytics Audit.

  • Understanding the User Behavior, Demographics, And Finding Opportunities.

  • Baseline Analysis of Website Metrics.

  • Identifying the Right Marketing Channel And Measuring ROI.

  • Analytics Attribution.

  • Monitoring the site's performance, Tracking Conversions, and Optimization.

  • Digital Analytics— Tracking, Reporting, And Analysis.

  • Gain insight into how visitors treat various design elements, and further improve the website for increased conversion rates.

Online Reputation Management

A good marketing strategy is an advantage to any business. It can build relationships, boost sales, and help you succeed in lot many ways. However, a good reputation is a real game changer! There is abundant information available on online about your business. What people read online about you and your business reflects in their decision to buy from you. So, a good reputation is extremely essential if you want to build trust among customers. We specialize in trust building - Online Reputation Management services. We can help you make a best first impression by promoting the positive information about your business. We use different strategies to minimize the visibility of negative information, and bring forward only the good news about your business. The end result is always amazing. People only read good about you. They start believing in you. They decide to buy from you. They speak highly of your business to others. It strengthens your bottom line.

Online Reputation Management Services

  • Brand Email Alerts

  • Burial of Negative Reviews in SERP

  • Negative Review management on 3rd party platforms.

  • Brand Damage Repair & PR

  • Profile Building

  • Branding on Social Media platform

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Digital Marketing


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Digital Marketing


Boosted Keyword Ranking and Organic Traffic for a Leading Spring Manufacturer in the US

Digital Marketing


Increased Relevant Traffic to the Website for a Motion Control Devices Manufacturer

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