Digital Marketing Checklist for Manufacturers

“By 2020, 60-70% of new car sales leads will be generated by a digital platform, says Frost & Sullivan, be it via websites, mobile sites, social media or apps.“
“In the first-ever analysis of the defense industry’s use of social media by UK-based Defence-IQ, 62% of respondents believe that it is very important, if not critical, that defense contractors improve their online and social media presence.”
These statistics deal with 2 different manufacturing industries. Though automobile manufacturers have been using digital platforms for quite a long time, the defense industry has probably never thought of using digital marketing platforms. The message is loud enough that all the manufacturers, regardless of their products, need to be in the digital zone to leverage its bottom-line impacting benefits.
Download this checklist to know how manufacturers can ace the art of digital marketing. In this checklist, you will learn:

1. How to understand your business well from the perspective of digital marketing
2. How to optimize the website
3. How to manage the content distribution
4. How to use and implement analytics

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