An increasing number of businesses have been reeling under the pressure to upgrade their technology capabilities in recent times. For some companies, it comes as a forced concept such as moving to an online-only ordering model for its customers or shifting their workforce to remote working capabilities.

On the other hand, several businesses after undergoing initial digital transformations are realizing and identifying additional and new areas to address.

Whereas, some see a clear need for digital transformation, but haven’t taken the plunge.

Irrespective of your situation, Futurism can help you build a powerful digital transformation roadmap. We understand that technology transformation is a giant leap for any business. Today, organizations expect improved efficiencies and productivity, reduced costs and faster ROI to name a few from their digital initiatives. We have a plan for you to get there.

But when confronted with such a massive understanding and momentous decision, many organizations tend to find themselves in a fix, clueless as where to begin.

Futurism can help you get started on the right foot with your digital transformation journey.

Ask these questions:

A capable engine with multiple milestones

  • Does your website represent your brand and how you want patients to think about you and reach you?
  • Is your website functional? Can your patients schedule appointments via mobile? View their health records? Pay their bills? Renew their prescriptions? Facilitate two-way communication?
  • What are the areas of your business processes that cause the most pain, are most costly, trigger bottlenecks, increase costs and create the most complaints?
  • What are the processes that lack visibility?
  • How secure is your company/customer data?
  • What business processes face the most disconnect? (in terms of collaboration)
  • What is your core business activity and is it often executed manually?
  • Do you still rely on paper-based processes that are prone to human errors?
  • What are the most repetitive mundane tasks? What takes up the most time in your day?
  • What processes require you to constantly add more people/resources often and just can’t get enough of it?
  • Does the same data exist in multiple places and is entered multiple times by your employees?
  • Are data silos hurting your organization’s productivity?
  • Do you manually store, compile and sort unorganized data leading to data duplication and discrepancies?
  • Does your business lack a centralized/unified view of business data?
  • What is it that is holding you back to deliver amazing customer experience?
  • How best would you describe access to information within your organization?
  • Are your employees able to access the required information on the go?
  • Do you find yourself in troubled waters when it comes to managing regulatory and compliance requirements?

Application Examples:

The best way to understand the concept of digital transformation is by examining successful use cases or case studies. We curated a list of digital transformation success stories:

Company DX Initiative Business Function Use case Results
Apple CarPlay Customer Service Collaborating with apps and OEMs to integrate iPhones into a car’s infotainment system Customer experience and revenue boost.
Schneider Electric Box Operations Leveraging cloud-based solutions to meet the document sharing needs of its employees without compromising on enterprise security standards. Process efficacy.
Offload on-premise servers, cutting costs by 30%. Improved time-to-market.
IKEA IKEA Place (Augmented Reality Mobile App) Customer Experience Launched augmented reality (AR) app automatically that scales products, based on room dimensions, with 98% accuracy Improved customer experience and conversion rates.
Amazon AI and Machine Learning Customer Experience Leveraging AI and machine learning technology to learn user behaviors, patterns, etc. and throw relevant recommendations. AI-based Chatbots for customer support eliminating the need for customer support and reducing wait times. Improved customer experience, satisfaction and conversion rates.

For the ones perplexed to as where to start?
We can help you discover your digital maturity!

Digital transformation is an ongoing process spanning across all aspects of a business at various levels. How should your business define a strategic digital roadmap? Where should you channelize your focus and efforts?

We can recommend you a digital roadmap aimed at resolving the challenges your business faces and help you achieve faster ROI. Regardless of where you are at your digital maturity scale, digital transformation can redefine your performance and operations and help you stay ahead of the pack.

Want to discover your digital maturity, contact us for a FREE assessment now!

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