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If there is any business segment to which the term meteoric growth can be associated unequivocally, it’s the e-commerce. If study from the U.S. Census Bureau has to be believed, e-commerce market share has increased by almost 6%, equating to roughly $5 trillion in annual turnover. There is a whisper in the corridors of experts that this narrative of the rise and rise of e-commerce will refuse to die down soon. But despite this encouraging and bulging environment, 80% of e-commerce stores meet with failures. This made us take a deep plunge into its root causes and challenges. The result of this churning is our practical, scalable and problem-solving solutions.

ChallengesEvery e-commerce store on the planet is battling out following challenges

Generating Traffic

With the mushrooming of countless digital marketing channels, e-tailers cannot harp on a single channel for traffic generation. They should be there where their customers are.

Lack of Online Identity Verification

Except for the information that customers have entered during the sign-up, a respective portal is completely in dark about them. The question of their genuinity may result in a huge revenue loss when customers make Cash-On-Delivery (COD) purchases with fake mobile numbers and address.

Unorganized Product Catalogues

The lack of organized and streamlined product catalogues make products undiscoverable. It affects sales as well as average order values.

Nonresponsive and Dull Website Design

As shoppers make a purchasing decision within 90 seconds of interacting with a product, the time window is too tiny to spell your product’s magic. A dull website can make that window even narrower, causing low order placements.

Futurism Solutions

The more we reached closer to the unambiguous understanding of these challenges, more we believed that they are surmountable. With the right people, right processes and the right technology, we gave a concrete form to our understanding through our solutions. The following enlisting points them out.

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