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Advance Marketing ToolsTransforming Data Into Actionable Data

The simple truth is if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Since data is the sole catalyst that quantifies each and every iota of business and thereby makes it measurable, it’s the “new capital” of business. And the shining perk of this much-needed measurability can be relished by marketing departments who can zero in on market segmentation data to find consumers who are ready to buy, or by the business executives to examine bigger trends in the market. Consequently, companies can become early entrants in the market to rip the benefits of being pioneers. MIT’s findings that the data-driven companies have 4% higher productivity and 6% higher profits, then, appear rational. That’s precisely why Futurism puts you on the shore of data science through its robust and customizable Advanced Marketing Tools.

Challenges15+ years of ground-zero experience has enabled us to unearth the reasons why data-based decisions still fly under the radar of many companies

Cognitive Biases

Cognitive biases make companies take business decisions based on limited information, or on lessons from past experiences that may not be relevant to the current situation. Note that 39% of companies say that gut feel/experience is good enough to make decisions with no relevant information.

Quality and Relevance of Data

In order to use in operations, decision-making and planning, data should meet a certain set of qualitative of quantitative variables. Without proper data quality management (from the acquisition to the maintenance, from the disposition to the distribution processes) data quality is a difficult feat to achieve.

Tracking Too Many Metrics, Or the Wrong Metrics

It has been observed that the social media data analysis remains restricted to performance indicators (KPIs) like sentiment analysis and total numbers of likes or shares. This doesn’t enlighten companies about how many people have actually read or heard the content.

The Juggernaut of Unstructured Data

Though many companies now collect unstructured data, they keep it in deep silos. Also, they fail to come up with any visualization of unstructured data, or ways to link structured data to unstructured data.

Futurism Solutions

As the actual problem is not to collect the data but to extract value from that data, the focus of our marketing tools is to remove the shield from the trapped valuable information. The following listing forms the fulcrum of our data science endeavors to make data mission-critical and action ready.

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