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Software Solutions for Energy Industries

  • Overview
    Software Solutions for Energy Industries

    There has been a big shift in the way oil and gas industries are conducting their business. It has become more difficult to conduct their business due to various concerns. Some of the concerns affecting the oil and energy companies are volatile oil and gas prices, increasing business operation costs, retiring experienced professionals, stringent regulatory compliance requirements, and finding footage in new geographies. Energy companies are finding ways to bridge operational gaps, and modernize their business with modern technology solutions.

    Futurism Technologies helps oil and energy clients meet these challenges with enhanced technology and consulting services. With a team of domain experts, technology expertise, and proven business solutions, we provide much needed scalability and flexibility to oil and gas clients to operate in difficult conditions.

  • Offerings
    IT Solutions for Energy Industries Offerings
    • Customer Experience Management: Customer experience management is reshaping the business landscape. A successful customer transformation strategy requires consideration of several aspects such as personalization, new channel incorporation, etc. We have helped several energy companies to deliver world-class customer experience.
    • Logistics and Trading: Price volatility is one of the biggest challenges faced by the oil and energy industry. Their operational efficiencies, engineering capabilities, and business management take a beating if the risk of price volatility is not managed properly. This is why trading, supplies, and risk management are given immense importance in the oil and gas industry. Also, these services are facing challenges arising from areas such as long supply chains, inventory management, regulatory compliance, credit management with their business partners, and more. Our logistics and trading services are devised to help oil and energy companies to overcome these challenges and establish themselves efficiently in the fiercely competitive energy sector. Our clients can take advantage of our proprietary Cogent WebApps platform that enables them to:
      • Improve Supply Chain Value
      • Stock Management
      • Build Strong Supplier Relationships
      • Track Inventory Movement
      • Control Logistics
      • Manage Prices Across Geographies
    • Cloud Consulting Services: We understand challenges that our clients in energy industry face when adopting advanced technologies. Our cloud consulting services enable customers to incorporate cloud computing as the part of their IT strategy. Our dedicated network professionals and cloud experts ensure that the client’s security and data meets stringent security standards. We take a holistic approach to build a strategic and business oriented cloud adoption strategy for customers.
    • Enterprise Solutions: We have the experience in design, development, implementation, and deployment of solutions that address the needs of the organization. We have a record of delivering projects for enterprise integration and business process transformation for leading energy companies. Our enterprise solution offerings include the following:
      • Enterprise Mobility: Businesses in the oil and energy sector need to manage their distributed workforce, and assets efficiently. Our deep understanding of the operation systems and processes, combined with our focus on enterprise mobility have helped our clients to mobilize their business experience. Please visit the enterprise mobility page to know more.
      • Portal and User Experience Management: The rising competition for energy resources, and declining profits have exerted pressure on oil and gas organizations to improve their operational excellence. We have experience in designing and implementing knowledge management portals, B2B portals, intranet employee portal, and corporate intranet website.
    • Digital Marketing: In the oil and gas sector, it has become important to create a loyal customer base and communicate with them regularly. Futurism Technologies has supported the marketing arm of many energy companies by maximizing their digital visibility, and keep their existing as well as potential customers engaged. We provide the following services:
      • Campaign Management: Our campaign management helps clients plan and execute various digital platforms. Also, we provide an end-to-end support in all phases of the project. Our experts continuously monitor and track campaigns, perform response analysis, and deliver comprehensive reports.
      • Market Research: We can conduct qualitative and quantitative market research. Our team conducts extensive research on their competitors, their market positioning, industry trends, competitors, markets, and forecasts.
      • Content Services: We support our clients with end-to-end creative and content services. We can create content for websites, update them on a regular basis, manage all marketing communications such as flyers, brochures, etc.
      • Internet Marketing and Brand Consulting: Today, it has become important for businesses to register their strong online presence. We help them through various internet marketing and brand consulting activities. We allow businesses to improve their customer service, customer outreach, and minimize their redundancies in the service sector. Our brand consulting services have helped various businesses to improve their brand visibility in the market.
      • Social Media Customer Care: Most business today understand that customer sentiments and feedback are two requisites for popularizing their business. However, great customer care is often confused with active social presence. Futurism helps its energy clients to achieve the both by leveraging benefits of various digital media platforms. Our team can consolidate and manage client conversations to achieve immense online success. Our social media customer care service offerings help businesses lower their customer interaction costs through various digital media platforms.
    • IT Services: Most energy companies understand that IT is integral to the success of their business. We leverage our industry expertise, and technology knowledge to develop business solutions for our energy clients. We provide end-to-end IT services to our energy clients: from ideation to delivery, as well as enterprise-wide transformation and support. Our core service offerings include the following:
      • Product Engineering: We understand that like other businesses, energy companies are also driven to improve their product lifecycle. Futurism serves clients by delivering cutting-edge technology solutions. We can design, develop, and implement new software products, enterprise platforms, and provide SAAS. Please visit our product engineering page for more information.
      • Product Architecture, Design, and Development: We help our clients in the energy industry to build performance-driven applications and software products. These products help them overcome daily business challenges. Please visit our product architecture, design, and development to know more about our expertise.
      • Product Ideation: At Futurism, product ideation is a collaborative approach, we involve our software experts, UI designers, and professionals to build future friendly products. We ensure that all our products meet rigorous quality, and regulatory compliance. To know more on our product ideation approach, please visit our product ideationpage.
      • Migration, Porting, and Internationalization: The fast-evolving technology landscape is a challenging area for most businesses and energy companies too. We help our clients improve the effectiveness of their legacy systems by leading step-to-step transition. Please visit our migration, porting, and internationalization page to know more.
      • Sustenance Engineering: Obsolete programs and software components cause several challenges for energy clients as well. We help them update their software and business solutions with new technologies and enrich their user experiences. Please visit our sustenance engineering page to know more.
      • Technical Support: We provide a comprehensive range of technical support services that enables our clients to manage and maintain their existing IT infrastructure efficiently. Please visit our technical support page to know more.
    • Digital Enablement: Today, websites have become the first stop of communication for customers. Their first online experiences define their brand perception. Digital solutions and client engagement have become imperatives have for most businesses. Our digital enablement services allow our energy industry clients to keep their customers engaged across various digital media platforms.
    • Big Data Analytics: Our experience in information defined services have helped strengthen our market position as a reliable big data analytics services provider. We have helped our oil and gas clients analyze and manage their business by harnessing the power of big data.

  • Differentiators
    IT Solutions for Energy Industries Differentiators
    • Comprehensive Domain Experience: Futurism provides business consulting services to clients in gas, water, and electric in the US and other parts of the globe. Our proven business consulting practices, tools, and technology frameworks have helped energy and related businesses transform their business for better.
    • Valuable Partnerships: We have established strong partnerships with some of the leading global corporations such as Amazon, HP, Microsoft, and Cisco among others. These partnerships enable us to provide hosting services to our clients in the energy sector.
    • Enhancing Customer Experience: As with other businesses, our energy clients have gained the advantage of registering their presence across various digital media platforms. We serve them through comprehensive social media management services.
    • Operational Excellence: Energy service providers will find a reliable partner in Futurism to transform their business. We help our clients achieve operational excellence through our value-added services targeting business process optimization, customer engagement improvement, infrastructure agility, and more.


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