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Enterprise Application Integration

  • Overview
    Enterprise Application Integration

    Today, industrial organizations depend on a variety of computerized information systems to run their business. It often happens that different divisions within the enterprise incorporate contrasting business intelligence infrastructures, databases, and business applications to simplify their processes. These systems don’t synchronize with each other and create problems. These information exchange differences prevent smooth information flow within the organization. This is why business enterprises believe that enterprise-wide application integration is necessary to stay competitive in their domain. The Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) helps business enterprises integrate their hardware systems, legacy systems, business processes, and modern digital platforms, and technologies.

    Futurism Technologies help organizations accelerate their growth by conducting seamless EAI. Our services help businesses to adopt new enterprise solutions, and event-driven architecture to improve time-to-market capabilities.

  • Offerings
    Enterprise Application Integration Service Offerings
    • Enterprise Integration Consulting: We leverage our industry experience in integrating a wide range of complex applications, and technological expertise to build an efficient integration roadmap for our clients. Through our consulting services, we ensure that the integrations are in line with the business’s goals and objectives, as well as meet business challenges. Our specific services include:
      • Enterprise Architecture Audit, Analysis, and Planning
      • Technology and IT Security Consulting
      • Project Analysis and Planning
      • Data Modelling
      • Process Modeling
    • Integration Requirements Analysis and Architecture Design (EAI): Within this offering, we conduct a thorough evaluation and analysis of integration requirements. We help businesses benefit from our technology knowledge and expertise as well as niche experience. We follow a disciplined process to create a roadmap that mitigates risks, and provides integration benefits. Our specific services include:
      • Integration Requirement Analysis
      • Integration Architecture Design
      • Detailed Technology Analysis Depending on Commercial and Open Source Components
    • Integration Implementations: Our team can handle implementations for mobile, web, desktop, as well as cloud applications. Our mutual collaboration approach allows us to work closely with clients to understand their business requirements, identify performance markers, infrastructure deficiencies, and integrate new applications to enhance productivity.
    • Integration Testing: We conduct rigorous testing to ensure seamless data integration with existing systems. Our team of QA experts ensure that individual modules, reporting, interfaces, and other functionalities perform as per the requirement.
    • Tactical Integration: This service is beneficial for clients intending to automate data exchange between two, or more applications, or integrating isolated data applications to the existing environment. We provide comprehensive tactical integration services, which include the following:
      • Custom API Integration
      • Custom Database Connector Design, Development, Testing, and Implementation
      • Customized Middleware Development
      • Customization and Re-Engineering Existing Software Applications to Enable New Integration
      • Customization of Data Sources and Applications that Enable Enterprise-Wide Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
    • Activity Monitoring: We can deliver real-time dashboards, and alerts to monitor business services, and processes in an organization.
    • Integration Health Assessment and Maintenance: Through this service, we ensure that any minor changes in the systems, or the entire enterprise integration process is completed in time. This helps us rigorously follow the pre-designed EAI dashboards.

  • Differentiators
    Enterprise Application Integration Differentiators
    • Seamless Information Sharing: Our enterprise data integration services are designed to ensure seamless information sharing within the organization. The integration helps creating a single point of access by collaborating different business interfaces. This helps employees minimize the time spent on information searching, and concentrate on their core businesses. Our integration services also ensure effective communication between employees, and departments.
    • Process Automation: We have conducted several process automation services for organizations worldwide. For instance, a CRM is integrated to the email platform to provide targeted messages to customers based on their buying behavior and demographics.
    • Agility Focused Approach: Our clients can benefit from our vast enterprise integration experience and expertise that we employ while designing agile business solutions. These solutions allow them to recognize and respond to opportunities. Our agile-focused applications help clients to address market shifts, manage their market reputation, automate their supply chain, and more – from a single data interface.
    • Reduced IT Complexity: Most business organizations find it difficult to adopt and integrate new technologies into their existing system. They also realize that new applications may not work well with their existing systems. Our services help them realize the value of new applications and existing legacy systems.


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