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  • Overview
    Enterprise Mobility

    Mobility has become an innovative business practice, and is considered an important success factor by many organizations. Today, mobile devices are not merely considered as luxury personal devices to store data. They have become important platforms on which businesses drive their sales through value-driven applications. The fact is, mobility helps businesses leverage data to serve their customers effectively.

    Mobile applications have helped businesses to improve their outreach. Enterprises have already started realizing the benefits of mobility. However, companies encounter various challenges during their journey to unlock the potentials of mobility. Futurism Technologies is committed to delivering value–added services that allow businesses to realize the benefits of enterprise mobility.

    We follow a holistic approach towards enterprise mobility:

    • Business: Design business models that take advantage of mobile technologies.
    • Strategy: Use mobility for gaining a competitive advantage in the domain.
    • Technology Challenges: We help businesses address technology challenges that they encounter during their mobility integration projects.

  • Offerings
    Enterprise Mobility Offerings
    • Enterprise Mobility Strategy Development: Today, most enterprises rely on, or incorporate one or more mobile applications to promote their services among customers. Although they are gaining an advantage in terms of revenues, and new customers, they don’t have a disciplined mobility strategy. Most of them follow an ad-hoc approach towards mobility, which limits their capabilities and growth potential. To maximize the power of mobility, organizations need to adopt a dedicated enterprise mobility strategy. Futurism Technologies helps clients plan, strategize, design, and harness the benefits of enterprise mobility, and make a strong differentiation in the domain they operate. We can design the following:
      • Enterprise Mobile Strategy: We can define the scope of mobility implementation in an organization. This means we can identify business functions, users, processes, and stakeholders, who can benefit from mobility implementation.
      • Mobile Technology Strategy: Our experts always help clients select the right technology and platform. Along with this, we can also design sound security, and user experience design strategies, and enterprise-wide architecture blueprints.
      • Building Business Processes around Mobile Strategy: We help organizations design their processes around the mobile strategy.
    • Technology Services and Solutions: Mobile technologies are fast evolving. There is a huge demand for readymade technology solutions that meet specific requirements, and are easy to implement. Futurism Technologies can provide technology services and solutions that help clients reduce their application development lifecycles, and meet their customer-specific requirements.
    • Custom Business Solutions: As mobile devices are becoming the main mode of commerce, business organizations require tailored business solutions that address their business requirements and meets their business objectives. We can design and deliver business solutions that help businesses overcome the challenge of mobility, and create an impact in the domain they operate.
    • Mobile QA/Testing Services: We provide a comprehensive range of mobile QA and testing services including:
      • Test Consulting
      • Cloud-Based Remote Testing
      • Managed Testing Service/Testing CoE
      • Compliance Testing
      • Specialized Testing
  • Differentiators
    Enterprise Mobility Differentiators
    • Objective Oriented Consulting: We specialize in objective oriented consulting, which allows us to design effective enterprise mobility strategy for clients.
    • Accelerator Solutions: We build accelerated business solutions through collaboration, which helps business organizations improve their time-to-market capabilities.
    • Partnerships with Global Mobility Platforms: We have leveraged partnerships with industry leading mobility platform service providers, which help us provide the best solutions at cost-effective prices.
    • Quality Assurance: Futurism employs advanced tools and technologies for building quality mobility applications. We can provide a vast repository of reusable components, global delivery models, and test assets.
    • IP-Based Service Model: We allow clients to select proprietary frameworks with IP- based service models. These models help them lower Total Cost of Operation (TCO). Also, this helps our clients to experiment with new service models.
    • Cost Effectiveness: We allow our clients to select a per-device-payment model to ensure they can afford our services easily.
    • Delivery Services: We help businesses reinvent the way they design and develop their mobile applications. We provide complete services from UI design to testing, data integration, and security.


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