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High-Tech Software Solutions

  • Overview

    Today’s industries have a great deal of success due to the technology that they utilize in their facilities. High Tech has grown from simply a great advantage to a factor that defines the success of an enterprise, and the industry it is based in. The High Tech industry is characterized by global competition involving margin pressure, innovation cycles, and complex supply chains. Organizations looking to make it big in this industry, need to be attentive to the needs of customers, and have a dynamic approach in terms of providing solutions. Futurism Technologies supports the High Tech Industry with our expertise in various segments. We have the capability to create custom scalable platforms, which can be made available globally. We provide efficient process management via our product engineering services, and delivery processes.

  • Offerings
    High-Tech software solutions
    • Professional Services: Our professional services help us provide IT and management consulting solutions to our clients. We utilize our knowledge of various domains to help organizations to business efficiency, innovation, growth, and fulfillment of business objectives. We provide custom and integrated solutions for a range of IT and business services. Our solutions are designed to help customers reduce the overall time-to-market, and gain leadership among competitors. By working with us, companies can have the freedom to focus on their core competencies, while letting us take care of their IT requirements. Our services include:
      • Product Implementation
      • IT Infrastructure Services
      • Enterprise Transformation
      • Custom Application Development and Maintenance
    • ISVs: The continual adoption of smart phones and mobile devices, as well as the growing popularity of cloud computing, has helped Independent Service Providers (ISVs) to capitalize on new business opportunities. We help ISVs keep themselves apprised of the latest changes, and innovative solutions, and transform them into business opportunities. We provide them research to understand the demands of customers, as well as equipment and manufacturing solutions, which will help reduce costs. Our knowledge and expertise also helps reducing the cost of manufacturing, while maintaining a high level of quality.
      • Customer Relation Management
      • Product Lifecycle Management
      • Technology Implementation and Support
      • Supply Chain Management
    • Software Industry: For the software industry, we partner with ISVs to product sustenance and support. Futurism provides end to end services, including QA, development, product engineering, porting, and internationalization. We can also provide support for eLearning. Our solutions include:
      • Datacenter Hosting
      • Systems Integration
      • Infrastructure Support
      • IT Application Development and Maintenance

  • Differentiators
    • Complete Services: We provide services related to IT solutions, business consulting, product engineering, infrastructure, and business processes. By working on these areas, we give the freedom to work towards achieving internal service standards, and reducing operational costs.
    • Innovation: We provide our customers access to the latest technologies and engineering methodologies. This helps our customers enhance their company and business, and stay at the forefront of their industry.


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