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Business leaders understand that the right talent is the contributing factor to the success of their organization. However, finding the right talent for organizational growth is the biggest challenge of all. The Human Resource Management practice at Futurism Technologies enables businesses to find the right talent effortlessly, achieve high results, and enhance the quality of their delivery.

  • Overview
    Staff Hiring Service

    Staff Hiring Service for IT Organizations:

    Futurism provides contract-to-hire staffing services to companies in the IT sector. Our Human Resource Management objective is built around a simple theme – finding talented individuals who can help our clients achieve their organizational objectives. We help provide skilled, talented, and experienced individuals to meet the short and long-term requirements of our clients. We can handle the entire process from screening, recruiting, and offer processing as well as deployment to the client’s site. Our services allow our clients to focus on their core business by meeting their staffing requirements easily. Our clients can take advantage of our services such as:

    •   Temporary Staffing: This is a great solution for companies working on a small budget and requiring a flexible workforce. This option is well-suited for organizations, which take up small projects or work in a specific period of time. This option allows them to meet their project requirements without reducing productivity, or excess expenditure on resources. We maintain a database of potential employees who are ready to take up temporary assignments. These employees are pre-screened, and can be made available on a short term notice. This allows our clients to scale their staffing when the projects get over. In short, this option allows them to get over worries of extra personnel costs.
    •   Permanent Placements: Many times, when you land up a critical project, you may not have the right talent to meet the requirements. There are chances that you may end up making a wrong hiring decision to meet the deadline. Futurism Technologies can always help you complete the project by deploying the right candidate at your service. We manage the updated database of skilled employees for administration, sales, technical, and management fields. When our clients share their immediate requirement, we support them by providing potential candidates on a short notice. These candidates are screened and selected to meet the client’s project requirements. This allows our clients to focus on their business and necessary project details without worrying about the shortage of a talented staff.

    Talent as a Service: This service offering allows our clients to engage talent for a short term service, which may be a one-off or one-time project. We engage a team of talented consultants in creative designing, technology, and digital media marketing whom we can deploy to meet client requirements. This on-demand service allows our clients to engage services of a skilled workforce without spending too much money.

  • Offerings
    Staff Hiring Service Offerings
    • Assured Flexibility: We manage a database of talented professionals who are available for a project full-time or part-time. This helps our clients fill their positions easily and maintain their flexibility. By ensuring flexibility in every client project, we help our clients reduce implementation risks, and ensure on-time delivery.
    • Workforce Reinvention: There are many organizations that want to reinvent their workforce without spending money and time. Futurism Technologies leads the way with its next-generation hiring processes. Be it temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent positions, we can help our clients easily.
    • Time Saving: Various studies suggest that for any organization the usual screening process may stretch to 22.5 days. This is excluding the additional time spent on advertising position on various job sites, scheduling interviews, negotiations, and more. This amount of time may mean the loss of productivity. We are a complete hiring agency, which allows our clients to save on the time spend on screening, advertising, and other hiring-related tasks. We work closely with candidates in the IT field, which allows our clients to access talented workforce, and save their precious time for other productive tasks.
    • Tailored Price Packages: Many industrial reports suggest that a company spends an average $57,968 on hiring and appointing skilled talent. This includes their wages, benefits, and other taxes. Also, it includes advertising and other hiring-related tasks. Our staffing services allow our clients to save on these costs by employing employees on contract. Our tailored price packages allow them to take advantage of the skilled workforce at affordable prices.


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