Like in gymnastics, everything in PPC is decided for you - the path, timeline, cost & conversions.

Just click, go & reap the fruits!

PPC is best-suited for time-sensitive businesses.

Why PPC?

Controlled Usage

Controlled Usage
Customized solutions

Change your message according to client requirements.
Customized time option

Controlled Duration
Get Max ROI

Monetary Control

PPC Services We Offer

Click Fraud Negotiations

Opportunity Identification

Creative Editing

Offline Sales Tracking

PPC Landing Page Creation

Creating Ad Copyright

Ad Campaign Set Up

Campaign Report Management

Paid Search Strategy Implementation

Bid Management


Search Ad Management

Display Ad Management

Google Shopping Ad Management

Dynamic Product Remarketing

Exclusive PPC Account Manager

PPC Account Review and Recommendations

Landing Page Optimization

Structuring PPC Account

Text Ad Creation and Development

Google Display Network & Marketing

Geo-targeting for Ads

Call Tracking (Phone Call Analytics)

PPC Conversion Tracking

Why is it Better at Futurism IMBC?

We adopt an all-rounded approach that is the perfect fit for you including:

Complete Control of Budget and Timeline

Instant Measurable Results

Target Traffic Only

Transparent Business Policy

Effective and Trustworthy Services

Solid ROI On Your AD Spend

Use Of The Latest Trends Compliant With the Online Marketing Industry

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Futurism Technologies has caught the attention of some of the world's leading certification organizations. The company has been in the limelight for its constant endeavor to provide quality products and services to its customers.