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Media & Entertainment Software Solutions

  • Overview

    With Broadband Internet available for the general public, the media and entertainment industry has shifted a great deal from broadcast to online. Television channels also have online websites, where online users can log on and see their favorite shows, new reports, music and dance shows, etc.

    The viewing public is now demanding latest information online, so that they will have the freedom to watch shows and videos anytime, anywhere via their smart devices. Media and entertainment organizations need to be aware of, and utilize the latest software and IT solutions to accomplish this goal. Futurism Technologies support film and television networks and their websites by providing the IT tools necessary to generate more viewership online.

    We have the capability to provide solutions in terms of new business models, cost-effective infrastructure, and innovative online engines. We focus on ERP transformation and create custom Value Realization Models (VRMs) to deliver value based content to viewers, while improving the business’ success and popularity. Our immense domain knowledge of digital expertise puts us in a strong position to meet complex requirements of various media entities. These include film studios, TV networks, radio channels, and music companies.

  • Offerings
    Media & Entertainment Software Solutions
    • Broadcast: TV networks and radio stations utilize the online medium to achieve three goals – provide a platform to upload new and fresh content, offer viewers easy access to content, and improve daily operations. We help clients meet these requirements by providing technology solutions to broadcast on multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The network or station will have complete control over the content, and edit, replace, or even delete content as per their requirements. We create frameworks and provide tools, which will enhance the benefits of stakeholders, while ensuring immense business benefits. We use our expertise in Internet Marketing to spread the word about the latest content of your organization on social media. We also consult clients on how to accomplish all of this while adhering to State and Government regulations. Our offerings for Broadcasting include:
      • Custom Business Models
      • Application Development and Maintenance
      • Broadcast Communication Delivery Models
      • Technology Infrastructure Management
      • Inventory Management Systems
      • Regulatory Compliance
    • Entertainment: We help clients in the entertainment industry digitize and streamline their content and distribution. We take advantage of social media and various website portals to upload and stream content directly to various electronic devices. We help create portals that will allow viewers to avail different entertainment content at competitive prices. This will ensure a steady stream of revenue for our clients.
      • Content Integration, Broadcasting, and Management
      • Content Distribution Platform and Portal Management
      • Website Development and Maintenance
      • Mobile Application Development and Maintenance
    • Publishing: For the publishing industry, we assist our clients in shifting from a publishing company to a digital enterprise. We create applications and websites to allow access to premium content and literature. The applications can be designed to work like Kindle (on-the-go content consumption), or like an e-commerce website (online book sales). We can also create payment gateways, and tracking applications to ease payment transactions, and make the delivery process smooth and accessible.
      • Data Analytics
      • Content Management
      • Search Engine Marketing
      • Digital Platform Development
      • Platform and Data Management
    • Gaming: Our IT gaming services focus on helping your organization thrive as a consumer driven, and product based company. We utilize the best in IT technology to upgrade your infrastructure. We create platforms to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of CRM, performance management, employee recruitment and management, etc. Our Internet Marketing, Branding and Consulting services can help you present your content on multiple social media platforms.
      • Big Data Analytics
      • Mobility Services
      • Cloud Computing
      • Organizational Transformation
      • Testing and Quality Analysis

  • Differentiators
    • Identification of Suitable Solutions: Clients will not have to perform their own research. We conduct intense research, and provide up-to-date tools and solutions that will meet our clients’ requirements.
    • Custom, Monetized Solutions: Whether you are looking at B2B, or B2C markets, we can create custom solutions that will specifically help you to engage customers, and meet annual targets.


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