Increased Relevant Traffic to the Website for Motion Control Devices Manufacturer

Some Success Stories

Executive Summary

Venture Manufacturing Company is one of the leading providers of linear products, especially actuators, and has been in the market for over four decades. Their products are used across a range of industries from defense to agriculture.

Client Challenges

  • They faced an issue with getting relevant traffic to their website.
  • Their website was not mobile friendly.
  • This impacted their business as it was challenging for the customers to give a proactive response and place bulk orders.

Technology Stacks

  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

Our Solutions

  • Redesigned the website to stand out from the crowd with intuitive user interface, clear and simple navigation, and a cutting-edge responsive design.
  • Restructured the website based on the probable requirements of the target audience latest technologies such as HTML 5.
  • Audited web backlinks and generated quality backlinks.
  • Created user-friendly content according to industrial standards.
  • Created content based on touch points according to various online platforms

Quantifiable Benefits

  • Their organic traffic increased by 40% + and mobile traffic by 35% +.
  • The company’s social engagement increased by 121.43%.
  • Page views increased by 35%.
  • Keyword ranking improved by 80%
  • Conversion rates increased by 47%
  • New user increased by 34%
  • Facebook likes increased by 70%

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