Futurism Technologies Awarded
ISO 27001:2013 Certificate

Stringent Security Levels at Futurism Technologies.

Futurism Technologies. is a globally acclaimed IT service provider. Understanding the ISO 27001:2013need for a robust and reliable business process to safeguard client data, they have recently been awarded the ISO 27001:2013 certification. This allows them to implement processes and strategies that ensure information safety. By developing and implementing the requisite information security controls, they ensure security of client's sensitive data. They are equipped to reduce and prevent potential vulnerabilities related to their data system. Futurism's adherence to stringent security standards allows them to meet the highest standards of excellence.

As one of the most reliable ISO 27001:2013 IT companies, Futurism helps in managing risks associated with data security. With implementation of enhanced processes and controls, Futurism now provides products and services with tighter timelines and increased efficiency. The utilization of best practices facilitates compliance with the highest global standards of data security, risk management, and reporting. Futurism has been in operation for over 12 years and currently serves over 1000 clients. This number is on an incremental path due to reliable business processes backed by strong controls and adherence to high quality standards. With increased assurance of security levels, Futurism proves its commitment to prioritizing client needs.

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