Futurism Technologies' CSR Initiative -
Thanks Giving Week

Futurism's CSR Initiative - A Visit to Snehwan

At Futurism Technologies, we believe that serving economically and socially disadvantaged communities is our responsibility as citizens of the country. Recently, we organized a CSR initiative called Thanks Giving Week, through which we achieved our individual responsibilities and commitment towards social work. We visited Snehwan - A Ray of Hope, a home for underprivileged kids. The initiative was appreciated and well received by many Futurism employees. A group of 15 employees volunteered to donate their time, efforts, and attention to the children at the NGO.

Representing Futurism at Snehwan

Futurism Technologies CSR activities at Snehwan

Futurism Technologies CSR activities at Snehwan

Futurism Technologies CSR activities at Snehwan

Our group of volunteers visited Snehwan. We were welcomed by Mr. Deshmane, the founder of the NGO. He narrated how the idea of Snehwan came into being, explaining that Snehwan endeavors to help underprivileged children realize their hidden potential, helping to transform them and their lives.

The Futurism volunteers engaged in spending time with the children, talking to them about their lives at Snehwan. The volunteers were touched by the children's discipline and passion. The Futurism team wholeheartedly gave generous donations in the form of money and gifts to the children.

About Snehwan:

Mr. Ashok Deshmane, a former IT professional, started Snehwan to take care of underprivileged kids who lost their parents during the draughts in Marathwada. Presently, the NGO looks after 17 kids between 5 and 15 years of age. Snehwan is located in Bhosari, Pune, Maharashtra.

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