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Futurism Technologies; a leading digital transformation and technology services company, today announced that it has signed a multi-year and multi-Million Euro deal with a leading German communication solution provider, specialist for service numbers and value added services and smart dialogue solutions; to foster their digital transformation program.

In this engagement, Futurism Technologies will design, develop and maintain a digital platform which will streamline customer's business processes and enable customer to streamline their operation to improve profitability and bring certainty to the business.

Futurism Technologies and customer will work together towards building efficiencies and economies-of-scale across customer's organization, providing it the scale necessary to build, operate and reinforce its service management capabilities.

Under this partnership, Futurism Technologies will very closely work with the customer to build innovative solutions in phased approach to help customers to adopt the new solutions and drive the required change through their customers.

A robust technology platform is critical for today's organization to scale, expand and innovate. We want to make our German partner more competitive with a flexible and secure IT landscape that expands with company's growth plans." said Futurism Technologies company release.

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