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Build a robust, efficient and strong foothold in the industry with Partnering that helps in achieving goals and contribute to the overall enhancement and growth of business. Expand, invent and explore new avenues with comprehensive and holistic approach of partnering offered by Futurism Technologies. Partnering has the potential of handling the most complex and intricate situations with integrated solutions.

We partner with industry leaders to offer them our expertise and also gain from their innovative packages. This process offers new opportunities of doing business better. Maximize your profits and improve your services. Our services add value to your existing excellence and create perfect business prospects. The focused, relationship driven solution assures satisfying results with unique partnering practices.

We believe in the process of sharing and growing further. With our partnering program, we recognize other companies' benefits and share ours with them to step forward towards better future for every business. The vast networking and collaborations proves rewarding in the long run. We look forward to challenges that convert partnership into profitable alliances.

Partnering has become a key business tool in today's scenario. To acquire that extra edge, such ventures are fruitful and give your customers a variety of services to flourish in their respective fields. With expert knowledge and expertise, partnering brings success to each party involved in it. Join hands with us and experience the impeccable integration of services and solutions. We offer our partnering program in the following areas:

Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

In today's global economy, one thing that advanced, developing, or undeveloped nations have in common is the necessity to construct, renovate, and modernize their infrastructure. To accomplish this expensive and enormously challenging task, Build Operate Transfer is becoming the de-facto choice of many companies that wish to set up IT infrastructures. Many companies are beginning to realize that setting up companies and getting them up and running efficiently requires a significant resource and time investment.

BOT is emerging as a popular choice, leveraging our unique operational experience and specialized consulting services. Through this model, Futurism Technologies offers a low risk entry model for software companies wishing to leverage this value proposition and wants to mitigate the risks associated with the uncertainties involved in starting operations in a new country.

Be a partner with us to access our development support and collaborative go-to-market initiatives. Futurism provides you with the opportunity to increase your competitive industry differentiation and decrease your costs. We aim to build everlasting mutual relationships with you which can be the key element of a successful offshore model.


In this Information & Technology era, companies have struggled with the inherent challenges of developing and managing indirect channel networks. These challenges have been greatest not only in non-captive environments, but also in captive partner markets.

A captive program can be an effective way to manage risk and provide adequate coverage to its parent company or group owners. An existing captive can allow the parent company to expand coverage and craft more creative solutions by forming a captive insurance company as a partner entity to a risk retention group.

The company undertakes feasibility studies and formulates the reinsurance program of the proposed captive or rent-a-captive facility partnering captive managers located in domiciles. A number of IT organizations set up wholly-owned centers offshore with wholly unrealistic expectations.

Instead of outsourcing to a third party - do it yourself and, the thought was, you could access new markets, retain management control, and save money to boot. Our Partner Programs and resources give you the flexibility to choose the level of engagement with Futurism that best supports your business needs.

We support profit-sharing as a means to expand and strengthen our reach and our partners' capabilities. After partnering with Futurism, you will improve your service quality and retain a higher standard of customer service satisfaction. We provide services that directly benefit your company and your captive company's partners.

Joint Venture

Joint Venture is an effective tool for tapping markets that are traditionally hesitant in opting for offshoring. The joint venture, or the strategic alliance route is a more viable option when two companies from diverse fields are looking to work together. By converting the business into capital, both organizations will be able to benefit from the companion's strong sides.

If you are looking for a partnership to define and address your organization's unique transformation imperative, then Futurism Technologies is the right choice. We work in transparent conversation with you to define your business goals, devise a strategy, decide on a course of action, develop a solution, deploy it across your organization, and deliver improved business results.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management entails the integration of people, technology and support services to achieve an organization's mission. Futurism combines world-class Business and IT Consulting Services with domain and technical expertise. Our ability to bundle services brings integrated sourcing to our clients, ensuring that you get the right mix of technology and services appropriate to your requirements.

Futurism works through a backbone of resilient, secure infrastructure spread across multiple locations. Communication links through a number of service providers via several different paths ensures that your business is safe in any eventuality.

Futurism follows globally recognized CMM Level 5 IT services quality standard and ensures that assignments are managed to comply with this standard, bringing the level of projects that are delivered on time and on budget to 96%, 70% better than the industry average.


Outsourcing is a trend that is becoming increasingly common in Information Technology and other industries, as it allows companies to focus on other business issues while having the details taken care of by outside experts.

Futurism RPO recognizes this fact and has trained individuals to reflect our client's needs. Futurism RPO can provide you with available, prescreened candidates to choose from that are proven technical and functional professionals.

Futurism offers complete end-to-end Business IT Solutions & Services for technology driven business transformation initiatives, onsite, offsite and offshore delivery model, high quality, low cost, rapid delivery value proposition.

Independent IT Consultants

Are you an independent IT Consultant and believe your services can be integrated or used in combination with any of our products or services to deliver added value, then you are on right place. Futurism looks forward to discussing the possibilities of partnering with you.

We offer:

  •   An opportunity to offer your solutions to new and existing clients
  •   Support to facilitate your solutions -from research to delivery
  •   Our domain expertise and varied skill sets, which, as an independent software vendor, you might not possess.

As a Futurism Partner, you enjoy the benefits of:

  •   Wider reach of your services and solutions
  •   Referencing through our website
  •   Leveraging our capabilities by integrating our products or services with yours
  •   Joint development initiatives
  •   Full technical support
  •   Access to our skills set and solutions expertise

We believe that end-user solutions will engage numerous systems and several matching technologies. Through these alliances, we expect to receive projects that may be beyond your scope in terms of technology or size, or both.

Partner with us to access our development support and collaborative go-to-market initiatives. Futurism provides you the opportunity to increase your competitive industry differentiation and decrease your costs. We aim to build everlasting mutual relationships with you.

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