Disruptive Solution to Drive the Sales

Executive Summary

The pace at which digitalization is being incorporated across the world, its implementation in customer communication and interfacing was imminent. A European smart dialog solution provider wanted to incorporate digitalization to drive sales. The company has been in the market for over two decades and has over 6000 customers across more than 100 countries. Their employee strength is about 200 and they have offices in four locations.

Client Challenges

The company was looking for a disruptive solution to drive their sales. They aimed to reduce the cost pressure in their service center by building a robust, future-oriented technical platform.

Technology Stacks

Our Solutions

  • Sales Process Management Transformation: We replaced their email-based system with a secured and mobile-enabled ecommerce application built on web/mobile platforms.
  • Customer Experience Enrichment: We implemented a self-checkout application, which enabled faster transaction and immediate solution using machine learning chatbot. It has helped in effective and real-time reporting for efficient decisions.
  • Innovative Inventory Management: We integrated CRM and supply chain that led to an efficient delivery and effective customer service.

Quantifiable Benefits

  • Improved sales by 35%
  • 31% reduction in TCO (global delivery, cloud)
  • Better collaboration with sales and operational teams through integrated the platform
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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