Built a Smart Warehouse Slotting
Solution for a Client

Executive Summary

The client was using an obsolete warehouse slotting solutions provider with several inefficiencies that contributed to the underutilization of the warehouse space and increased the total cost of operation (TCO).

Client Challenges

  • The application was inefficient to suggest a proper utilization of the space.
  • Labor productivity of the warehouse was extremely low.
  • There was a lack of inventory tracking.
  • Lots of manual work was involved on a regular basis.

Technology Stacks

  • Microsoft ASP. Net
  • .NET MVC
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Our Solutions

  • We adopted a slotting methodology involving data collection and validation, pre-slot analysis, family grouping and sequencing, rack profiles and slot creation, and slot assignments.
  • As a result of this streamlined methodology, the newly designed solution serves as a planning tool that combines various aspects such as warehouse design, location coordinates, and slotting in one tool.
  • The system performs the data filtering and data export on the basis of the slotting algorithm. Slotting is the assignment of a specific space of cube to a specific purpose and product.

Quantifiable Benefits

  • The solution helped the client decrease the overall travel distance and enabled a better handling in the facility.
  • This solution facilitated better utilization of cubicles.
  • The labor productivity of the warehouse improved, and there was a reduction in labor costs.
  • The warehouse now enjoys the flexibility to handle seasonal or new products.
  • Warehouse slotting and planning has contributed to improved zone and work balancing.

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