Developed software solution for healthcare industry

Executive Summary

A leading healthcare company provides a software solution that enables the use of patient information throughout the healthcare organization. Client software anticipates clinician and administrator requirements and presents relevant electronic patient information, clinical data, lab results and medical images for review, analysis and treatment at the point of care. Their end user is Clinician / Specialist, CMO / CMIO, Executive Team, IT Manager to reduce risks and manage costs with a single integration platform for all your systems, using tools that evolve your systems-of-systems approach

Client Challenges

  • Become a better care provider by getting all your patient data when and where you need it and in the context you want.
  • Transform data into knowledge with a clinical workflow solution for all departments, enabling integrative care for better outcomes
  • Manage your existing and/or expanding enterprise, increase productivity, and uncover CMO / CMIO opportunities to further leverage existing assets.

Technology Stacks

Our Solutions

  • Architecture - The client’s platform supports flexibility, scalability, business process design and SOA—promoting cost-containment and strategic growth.
  • Topology - The client Framework contains multiple domain-specific applications developed to optimize the solution and improve operational efficiency.
  • Virtual Worklist - The client Virtual Worklist (VW) provides users with a single, integrated view of all information within the Enterprise.

Quantifiable Benefits

Futurism Technologies developed revolutionary modules for the clients that their software application is helping in many ways:

  • Super Admin - Manage all Users, Manage all Work Stations, Manage Worklist, Manage all system data
  • IBM Process Center - Process Designer, Message Broker, HL7, Resident Workflow, LDAP Server Security
  • Virtual Worklist- My Worklist, Orders, Reports Sections, Addendum, Doc Manager, Claims, Patient Data, Lab Results, Clinical Data, Medical Images, Appointments

About Futurism Technologies

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