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  • Overview
    Product Engineering Services

    In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, organizations are driven to constantly improve their product lifecycle elements. They find it difficult to meet increasing customer expectations on quality, cost control, and fast changing technologies. Additionally, they have to tackle with issues such as reducing design costs, reducing product development lifecycles, and optimizing their business processes. Organizations always depend on product engineering solutions to meet complex consumer demands, and help them create a remarkable difference. Futurism Technologies helps its clients by delivering such state-of-the-art product engineering solutions. We work closely with our clients to design and deliver cutting-edge technology products. We employ our vast domain expertise, and harness our partnerships with mechanical engineering, electronics, and software vendors to help clients:

    • Reduce total cost of ownership
    • Reduce time-to-market lag
    • Manage technology transformations in the software sector such as mobile computing, cloud computing, and SAAS
  • Offerings
    Product Engineering Service Offerings
    • Software Development: Software product development is an extensive process, and it includes various phases from programming, testing, documentation, and bug fixing. We support our clients through an entire lifespan of software product development, including:
      • Software Product ideation: We leverage our domain expertise, research and analytical capabilities, and vast technology knowledge to generate ideas for software products. Also, we can recommend and suggest enhancements to existing software products to make them future-friendly.
      • Software Product Architecture: Through these services, we can convert product concepts into a product design, and finally a working software. While doing so, we take care to maintain a balance between functionality, quality, and performance.
      • Product Porting and Migration: Product porting and migration is a continuous process across all business verticals. The reason is technologies are evolving at a fast pace. Although most product companies engage their engineers to improve their software products, they prefer outsourcing generic tasks such as migration, porting, and localization-related tasks to an IT partner. Futurism has successfully completed product porting and migration for several clients in IT, and other business domains. We employ our vast expertise and experience in porting, localization/internationalization, and migration. We can port a software or database from one porting system to another. We can identify missing interfaces as well.
      • Product Testing and QA: Futurism employs its extensive testing and QA experience in helping business enterprises optimize software products, and business solutions. We have developed customized testing capabilities for various verticals, applications, and platforms. We can help your company to remain competitive in today’s changing marketplace.
      • Technical Support: Most software companies require 24/7 technical support for their commercial products. We provide a complete package, including voice, email, and online support to software clients, enabling them to achieve maximum uptime, and serve their customers efficiently.
      • Software Professional Services: Integrating, or implementing a software product in a customer-oriented IT environment is not easy. It requires working knowledge of a software, and the technologies to make it work. We provide a comprehensive range of professional services that enable our clients to perform in a demanding IT environment. We can suggest customization, product consulting, integration, and pre-sales consulting.
      • Software SAAS Solutions: Software SAAS solutions are the core of IT infrastructure nowadays. These solutions allow businesses to efficiently manage, purchase, and deploy software as per their requirement. However, implementation and management of SAAS is not an easy task and comes with its own complexities. This is where Futurism can make a difference. We allow our clients to select from a combination of hybrid, SAAS, or on-premise models to suit their application, technology, business, and security needs.
      • Enterprise Platform: Today, business enterprises find it difficult to meet demands of ever-evolving technologies, which often require process streamlining. Although most businesses depend on various types of paid or free enterprise platforms to streamline their business, they struggle to serve their customers efficiently. Futurism has developed an Enterprise E-Commerce Portal – Cogent Web Apps that allows businesses to integrate their business functions with Microsoft ERP solutions such as Navision, GP, Dynamics, SAP, etc. It supports a variety of business models, including: B2B, B2C, Direct to Consumer, and Consumer to Consumer.
  • Differentiators
    Product Engineering Service Differentiators
    • Improves time to market capabilities
    • Minimizes risks of failure and improves focus on strategic initiatives
    • 10+ years of experience in delivering product engineering services to world’s leading organizations.
    • Robust and flexible engagement models.
    • Tested and proven engineering methodologies.
    • Access to talent pool, processes, and tools.


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