Automated Regression Testing's Positive Impact on IT Major

Executive Summary

One of the most reputed Software Companies in the Asia, the client is an expert in providing quality services for Population Health Management sector. Catering to the clients in more than 19 countries, the client offer service lines as diverse as application development and maintenance, asset leverage solutions, assurance services , business process outsourcing , consulting, engineering and Industrial services, enterprise solution IT infrastructure services. Began with targeting small and medium population health management enterprises, they are also providing cloud-based offerings.

Client Challenges

  • To expand the service lines and expertise, the client is developing and redeveloping multiple applications through code changes
  • Consequently, the client got severely affected by software regression, an unwanted change that occurs from code changes
  • To weed out those frequent regressions, the client had to allocate testers to conduct manual exploration. It took substantial amount of human hours along with unavoidable element of human errors
  • The problem became even more complex, as regressions are not always caused by new features or the consequences of routine bug fixes. They may get triggered by something as simple as database updates or new browser versions
  • It robed of the client from allowing manual testers to spend more time on testing various environments and for merging more complicated cases together at a higher level

Our Solutions

The need of regression testing was very visible in this case We suggested automated regression testing because of the following reasons:

  • Regressions happen quite regularly
  • As regression testing is for existing functionality, it requires constant repetition
  • It timely ensures that no new development causes bugs or breaks Once we decided to implement automated regression testing, we
  • Engaged the Test generator utilities to automatically create test cases and automation scripts
  • Fully optimized test data mapping to the test scenarios with pair wise, 3 way/n way coverage
  • Executed parallel test across various devices using a cloud based test infrastructure

Quantifiable Benefits

  • 40% effort saved for writing test cases and automation scripts
  • 25% time saving due to distributed remote test execution
  • Fully Automated traceability to ensure full regression coverage
  • Fit automated testing into an overall test strategy
  • Get results continuously and for upcoming releases
  • No need to commit human resources
  • No risk of forfeiting ROI with inevitable organizational changes

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