How Strategic Automation Resulted In A 30%
Reduction in Scripting and Maintenance Cost

Executive Summary

One of the largest asset performance management companies in Australia, the client is a leading provider of software and service solutions that optimize the performance of assets. Currently operating mainly in Australia and New-Zeeland, client provides platforms that work across all equipment, all OEMs, and all industries, across the plant, and across the fleet. They have recently partnered with Microsoft to accelerate industrial IoT adoption.

Client Challenges

  • The client was eying substantial revenue generation through rapid business expansion
  • Very rightly, they acknowledged the importance of enhancing the efficiency of their existing workforce and processes in gaining high revenue growth
  • To ensure that much-needed efficiency, the client wanted to automate their existing test framework

However, as client had not experienced automation at such higher scale, they were not able to –

  • Identify the critical modules instinctively
  • Reduce the automation efforts for scripting and maintenance
  • Utilize the automation efforts to assist product release tests

Technology Stack

  • Selenium
  • MSTest
  • Automation Grid
  • SQL Server

Our Solutions

  • One of the major problems with the client’s existing testing framework was the lack of software testing traceability matrix document
  • Basically, it’s a document that traces and maps the relationship between two baseline documents. This includes one with the requirement specifications and another one with the test cases
  • Note that tractability is vital in knowing how many tests will actually be affected by any code change
  • That’s precisely why we created software testing traceability matrix document and automated traceability mechanism
  • To accommodate more feature changes, we ensured more reusability and flexibility in automation framework
  • To strengthen product release tests, we incorporated powerful code branching strategies

Quantifiable Benefits

  • 30% cost reduction in scripting and maintenance cost
  • Reduced cost of regression testing
  • Early detection of new features’ impact on the automation code base
  • Strategic synchronization with the customer testing process

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