Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Accelerate your business success with intelligent processes

Robotic Process AutomationPromise a better future for Enterprise

Repeatative and manual processes can hamper the growth and success of your organisation by making your business ineffective and unprofitable. To overcome these roadblocks make use of our RPA expertise. Robotic Process Automation solutions will help you in creating specialized BOTs or agent by using screen scraping and other mechanism that will help you in automating your clerical jobs. RPA combined with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities can help you in automating the process of handling high-volume repeated tasks like record keeping, record maintence, resolving queries, calculations etc. that were initially performed by humans. Automating your business with RPA will make your business processes smart and intelligent. Deployment of automation in the organisation will increase productivity of employess as well as of business operations. We help you to create intelligent process by combining our RPA process and machine learning techniques. Our RPA solutions ensure to deliver streamlined business performance, delightful customer experience and efficient business operations..

Robotic Process Automation Services Customised premium RPA services offered by Futurism

Corporate Enablement

Getting connected with the client organisation and understanding their needs and requirements through:

  • Strategic management on RPA and Cognitive

  • Business Consultation

  • Opportuniy Discovery Workshop

  • Innovation Workshops

Consulting and Advisory

    Offering consultation on the needs and requirements of client organisation by:

  • Discovery of opportunity

  • Feasibility check

  • Indentification of Used Cases

  • Implementation of envisioned Roadmap


    This phase includes planning and forcasting of the entire RPA process that is meant to be implement at client organisation. This phase includes:

  • Identifying POC Case, POC Apporch, POC Success Criteria

  • Governance and Security & Complainance Framework

  • Automation Plan

  • Change Management


    This phase includes creating of solutions as per the needs and requirements of clients as under:

  • Solution Designing

  • Infrastructure Management

  • BOT Configuration

  • BOT Testing Strategy


    In this phase the execution of envisioned roadmap is done through:

  • Defining process phases and goals

  • Creating detailed plans

  • Risk Mitigation through regular reviews

  • Complaince, security and Communication


    Extending support to client organisations with:

  • Post implementation support

  • Maintenance procedures

  • Keeping close connect with the client organisation

The ImpactIncrease reliability of the processes with minimal human interference

Our Value PropositionHeighten efficiency of your business processes with RPA

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