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The Art of Cataloging

Though maintaining ecommerce catalog seems easy enough, it’s not. And there are several reasons for it. In case you are a multichannel merchant, you might have multiple branded sites and sell on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Each of those channels needs a selected format for your product information. Also, some merchants receive product data from suppliers. To make it customer-ready on your website, it needs to organize with extra attributes and information. With thousands of SKUs to be published across numerous sales channels, your data needs to be continuously updated. Clearly, due to the increased product database and complexity, ergo merchants might end up settling for substandard product information. Consequently, it can damage the brand reputation and thereby the sales. We can assist you in growing your business hassle freely by streamlining these complex tasks of product listing and catalog handling.


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Catalogue Management

    As organized catalogue allows shoppers to dive into the descriptions they need to make data driven buying decisions, it forms that the backbone of an ecommerce implementation. Note that manual processing of an ecommerce store catalogue eats up significant time and effort as one has to extract and process data from a variety of sources such as PDF. That’s presily why we have come up with the most comprehensive ecommerce Data Entry and Catalogue Processing Services to help you with this strenuous task. Our offerings include:

  • Capturing Data from PDF, Hard Copy, Scanned Images and Online Catalogues

  • Getting and Storing Product Information with the Features

  • Converting Hardcopy Catalogues Into Electronic Formats to Upload On Ecommerce Store Website

  • Catalogue Data Entry Services like Product Price, Product Features, Brand Name, Manufacturer’s Identity, and SKUs

  • Updating Product Prices

  • Monitoring Product Prices from Competitor Websites

  • Categorizing Products for Assisting More Visitors to Search

  • Uploading Product Descriptions

  • Designing Product Titles, Meta Tags, and Product Descriptions Keyword Rich and SEO Friendly

Catalogue Updation

    The ever-evolving nature of the ecommerce business makes it’s a mandatory that product description should be regularly updated to stay on par with the latest information. No company, regardless of its size, is immune to the stress that the task of arranging a large quantity of data causes. To offload it from you, we are providing the following services:

  • Keeping Latest Product Data in Your Online Store

  • Updating Product Prices

  • Categorizing Products

  • Updating Product Availability

  • Updating Product Descriptions When New Products Are Added

  • Updating Product Images

  • Regularly Updating Tax and Shipping Data

  • Updating Product Identifiers Such As Shape, Color, Weight, etc.

Product Data Classification

    The heterogeneity of taxonomic codes and classification schemas used by the vendors makes product data classification a very demanding and intricate process. It, thus, become important for an ecommerce entrepreneur to classify product data as per the schema that may vary between countries and manufacturers. We assist you in this all-important process by offering following services:

  • Classifying Product Data Depending Upon the Source of Product Data, the Nature of Products and the Product Domain

  • Validating All Your Product Data before Classification

  • Creating Robust Domain Specific Classification Taxonomies

  • Classifying Product Data Using both Custom and Proprietary Standards

  • Filling the Gaps in Product Data

  • Classifying Product Data as Per the Brand, Based On Nature of Products and Manufacturers Identity

Product Taxonomy Development

    If product categories in market places are confusing, shoppers may take a long time to locate the product. Dissatisfied with the abysmal website experience, they may not return to your website. That’s where the need to have intelligent product categorization arises. We fulfill that need by offering following services:

  • Detail Reviewing Of Product Categories

  • Determining How Products Must Be Matched With SKUS

  • Keyword Research to Ensure Consistency between Your Product Category Titles and the Most Used Search Terms to Increase the Sales Rank

  • Developing Product Taxonomy within a Manageable and Optimum Size

Data Matching and De Duplication

    Along with the growth of a marketplace, the volume of product data grows as well. It results in data duplication and data redundancy and thereby damaging the product reputation. To let you build a leaner and more efficient database free of duplicate content, we are offering the following data matching and duplication services:

  • Running a Data Mapping Program to Identify Duplicates in Your Product Data

  • Devising Matching Logic to Identify Duplicates

  • Matching the Fields between Your Various Data Sources to Identify Similar, Duplicated Information

  • Matching and Comparing Your Product Data with Your Competitors

  • Merging All Similar Content

  • Removing Data Noise by Removing Your Product Data of All Irrelevant and Obsolete Information

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