Boosted Keyword Ranking and Organic Traffic for a Leading Spring Manufacturer in the US

Some Success Stories

Executive Summary

Marshall Spring Manufacturing is a spring manufacturing company based in Kansas City. Their springs have a number of application areas across the U.S. Their objective is to make customized, high-quality springs based on the client requirements.

Client Challenges

  • Their website did not rank in the search engine pages.
  • Their user engagement and social media presence was minimal.
  • This impacted their business as there were no leads from online sources.
  • The website had compatibility issues with certain devices.

Technology Stacks

  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

Our Solutions

  • Redesigned the website using the latest technologies considering device compatibility which resulted in keyword ranking and increased traffic.
  • Highlighted their USPs on various social media platforms to improve their online presence.
  • Created industry-specific content considering their target audience.

Quantifiable Benefits

  • Organic traffic to the website increased by 52.53%
  • Keyword ranking improved by 80%
  • Facebook likes increased by 95.00% owing to enhanced social media engagement
  • Bounce rate decreased by 8%
  • Social engagement increased by 1000%
  • Page reviews increased by 71%
  • Mobile users increased by 70.74%
  • Conversion rates increased by 85%
  • Helped generate RFQs for bulk orders from the client's website

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