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  • Overview

    In today’s unstable and fiercely digital business environment, companies are driven to maintain a supply network, which enables them to respond quickly, and serve increasing customer expectations. Most traditional supply chain models are built on assumptions of stability, and perform just-in-time deliveries. However, many of these traditional supply chain networks have failed to address the interference of fast changing technologies. While some organizations have already incorporated these technologies in their supply chain networks, others are finding ways to incorporate them, and realize their competitive advantages.

    Futurism Technologies combines its supply chain domain experience, technology, and expertise in strategy development to help organizations improve their supply chain efficiencies. We join forces with our clients to devise innovative supply chain solutions that support their business objectives, optimize business operations, and transform their supply chain workforce.

  • Offerings
    Supply Chain Management Solutions
    • Supply Chain Consultation: Our team of experts work closely with clients to gain a detailed understanding of their supply chain. With meticulous planning, we can map processes, identify sub-optimal performance parameters, or deficiencies in the existing supply chain. This helps us develop a tailored supply chain solution, which complements the logistical structure with current and future business needs. Also, it allows us to suggest improvements across the supply chain.
    • Value Chain Optimization: Our value chain optimization services allow businesses to improve their supply chain efficiencies. Our services enable business organizations to manage:
      • Demand Planning
      • Pricing and Promotions
      • Supplier Collaboration
      • Logistics and Transportation
      • Inventory Management
    • Consumer Driven Supply Chain Management: Futurism helps its clients to achieve a clear view of its business performance across various digital touch points, and channels. This allows businesses to analyze customer buying patterns, interpret consumer demands, and optimize their services to meet customers’ requirements. We help retail services and various other consumer product businesses to improve their digital capabilities through an integrated framework – Cogent WebApps.
    • Change Management: The supply chain transformation is not an easy process, particularly when processes and people are spread across several countries, organizations, and functions. We provide a complete change support by implementing our proven and tailored transformation strategies, which ensure long-term impact, and sustainability.

  • Differentiators
    • Custom Supply Chain Management Principles: Futurism has risen to the position of a recognized supply chain management provider in a short time. We try to create value for our customers by engaging tested and proven supply chain management principles. Our industry expertise allows us to create unique value propositions for our clients.
    • Digital Supply Chain Transformation: We support complete digital supply chain transformation across all supply management operations. Our experts conduct in-depth analysis of the current supply chain, customer behavior, and market demand to deliver efficient digital supply chain transformation advantage.
    • Visibility and Predictability Enhancement: Our advanced analytical models allow business to improve visibility and predictability. Futurism’s advanced supply chain optimization solutions blend analytics, simulation, and internal and external information, which helps businesses to arrive at informed decisions.
    • Reduced Cost Effects: Our supply chain management solutions help businesses to reduce their overhead expenses by improving their inventory management, strengthening their customer and vendor relationships, and making their supply chain responsive to customer requirements.
    • Reduced Time Delays: Our supply chain network solutions allow clients to minimize their time delays, which often leads to poor stakeholder relationships, and business loss. All supply chain activities are coordinated from start to finish, to ensure higher levels of on-time delivery.


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