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  • Overview
    Managed Infrastructure Services

    Futurism is a leading System Integrator with expertise in end-to-end IT Infrastructure solutions & services, with world-class technology partnerships. Through IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS), we provide a suite of reliable, responsive, flexible and proven infrastructure services and solutions, which can add value to our customer’s business.

    Futurism Technologies is a member of the Global MSP Alliance Association, and is a part of the vibrant Global Consortium of Cloud Managed Service Providers and Technology Enabling Vendors.

  • Offerings

    Our portfolio of service offerings span across the infrastructure lifecycle of Plan-Build-Run-Monitor:

    • Infra Consulting
    • Data Center
    • End User Computing
    • Enterprise Networking
    • Enterprise Security
    • IT Infrastructure Operation Management, and Transformation Services

    Futurism provides both cloud and data center solutions that are customized for customer’s needs and requirements. From private and public cloud to hybrid infrastructure and data center products, we deliver solutions that are innovative, scalable, agile, and efficient.

    Our value added services provide optimized cloud asset management and effective usage; there by reducing Total Cost of Operation (TCO).

    Remote Infrastructure Management Services

    Remote Infrastructure Management Services

    Managed Infrastructure

    Managed Infrastructure

    End User Computing

    End User Computing

    Application Support and Services:

    Application Support and Services

    Managed Security Services:

    Managed Security Services
  • Framework & Toolkit

    Quality Framework

    ‘iQFrame: Comprehensive Quality Framework


    Delivery Framework

    ‘One Platform’: Evolved Delivery Model

    Evolved Delivery Model

    Automation Framework

    ‘AutomateF’: Futurism’s Automation Framework

    Futurism Automation Framework

    Service Management Methodology

    Service Management Methodology
  • Differentiators

    Our Value Proposition:

    • Platform-based delivery to drive significant cost benefits to customers.
    • Technology neutral architecture with ability to extend existing operational management platforms and delivery methodologies across market segments.
    • Ready-to-use adapters and frameworks for managed services.
    • A toolbox of utilities, guidelines, cookbooks for transition, and transformation that helps in reducing the migration time.
    • Expertly managed infrastructure and cloud computing technology architect pool and certified engineers for delivering solutions specific to each client’s needs.

    Our Business Value:

    • Usage based pricing model reduces overall IT costs.
    • Seamless move towards asset-light infrastructure.
    • Ability to abstract underlying technical components thus enabling plug and play architecture.
    • Ability to leverage global eco-systems such as global partner ecosystems, and MSP service providers.
    • Strengthening IT governance policies and procedures.

    Our Key Features:

    • Efficient enterprise-specific standards for managed service solutions
    • Monitor use of deployed IT Infrastructure resources and their performance
    • Manage and analyze performance against defined SLAs

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Futurism Technologies has caught the attention of some of the world's leading certification organizations.

The company has been in the limelight for its constant endeavor to provide quality products and services to its customers.