Hard-To-Believe Growth Story
Our Client’s E-Commerce Store


Executive Summary

Client is a leading online supplier of medical instruments and supplies in the United States. The company is delivering dermatology and plastic surgery practices since 1952. Client online store offers a comprehensive line of medical grade products at most competitive prices throughout the world..

Client Challenges

In 2016, the company opted to use Shopify marketing platform for its business. Moving the current “Miva” platform to “Shopify” required a new marketing approach, analysis and SEO/SEM strategies- that too without compromising current results.

Design the entirely new website in Shopify by increasing its previous user experience and create dynamic store compatible for all devices.

Create, plan and implement e-commerce marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, traffic and overall sale.

Conduct industry trends analysis, advertise and use other marketing channels to generate business.

Before The Integration:

In the beginning, the site was hosted in the Miva Merchant platform. The website had static interfaces and web pages. The website required a full optimization process and paid marketing activities to perform well in the search engine.

  • Average Monthly Sessions – 2800
  • Average Monthly Sale – 15000
  • Average Monthly Transactions – 70
  • Average Order Value – 180

Our Solutions

  • We developed a comprehensive site architecture along with store pages that had high-value keywords.
  • We implemented strategies like product reviews and questions-answers that provided extremely helpful insights. They received a high response from the customers, sometimes even if they were not ready to purchase. It turned out to be the best user engagement booster.
  • With ideas like discount codes, upselling, cross-selling, abandoned cart recoveries, shopping campaigns, dynamic remarketing campaigns, email marketing, troubleshooting, personal invites and chats with online customers, we were able to generate higher sales and more potential visitors to the website.

Key Highlights after optimization:

  • Current Average Monthly Sessions – 6000
  • Average Monthly Sale – 25000
  • Average Monthly Transactions – 125
  • Average Order Value – 210

Tools Used:

  • Shopify
  • SpyFu
  • Google Ads
  • SEMRush
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • LinkedIn Business Manager
  • In-house Reporting Tool (Futurism Commerce )

Traffic Growth:

Overall & Organic Traffic

Since we started working on the website, the overall website traffic showed more than 30% growth every year.

Year Overall Growth Organic Growth
2018* 73,958 36% 41,582 40%
2017 59,225 31% 22,267 5%
2016 44,947 30% 21,323 3%

Sales Growth:

Since 2016, Client online store has shown the following growth in e-commerce sale and transactions.


Year Revenue Yearly Growth Transactions Yearly Growth
2018* 309,702.44 26% 1502 15%
2017 244,571.77 12% 1456 20%
2016 237,571.95 7% 1210 6%


* indicate the current year figures until November 20, 2018

Key Highlights From Client PPC Campaigns:

  • +41% increase in paid traffic
  • +27% increase in average order value (an additional $30)
  • +60% increase in mobile visits, while mobile device revenue showed 100% growth
  • +36% increase in new visitors from paid search
  • +55% increase in returning visitors

Paid Marketing:

The paid campaigns showed higher growth in each year. Below are the conversions and ROAS for paid marketing campaigns:

Total Conversions per year:

ROAS by Year:

The ROAS metric shows the important value, known as the percentage of return on ad spent. Below table and graph, show Client ROAS during last 3 years:

2016* 91%
2017 332%
2018* 354%

Quantifiable Benefits

  • Since the start of the project, the site saw 176% growth in traffic out of which .149% was organic.
  • In the USA, the overall site traffic increased by 245%, whereas organic traffic increased by 133% growth in traffic

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