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Futurism AI

Telecom Transformation: AI Solutions for Call Drops & Billing Woes

In a world where every call, click, and connection is crucial, telecom services play a pivotal role in our daily lives. But what happens when things don't go as planned? From frustrating call drops to confusing billing issues and customer service nightmares, we've all been there. But what if we told you there's a hero on the horizon ready to change the game? Introducing AI in Telecom: The Game-Changer!

Futurism AI

Futurism AI: Tackling Churn and Sustainability for Telcos

Dive into the critical challenges facing the telecommunications industry today: Customer Churn and Sustainability. Discover how Futurism Technologies, a leading innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions, is revolutionizing the telecom sector by tackling these challenges head-on.

Cyber Security

WormGPT Exposed: Decoding the New AI-Driven Cyber Threat

Welcome to the digital battleground of the future! In this eye-opening video, we dive deep into the world of WormGPT, the newest cyber threat that’s shaking the foundations of digital security. WormGPT isn’t just a threat; it's a wake-up call. This video dives deep into the new cyber threat and help you understand and counter this new-age cyber risk.

Futurism DevOps

Futurism DevOps: Unlock DevOps Excellence

Take your application delivery from traditional to transformative with Futurism DevOps. Our DevOps services unite development, business, and operations to deliver speed, agility, and reduced risks.

Futurism IoT

Futurism IoT: The Power of Connectivity Awaits!

Explore the new age of technology with Futurism IoT! Dive into a world where the Internet of Things (IoT) transforms into an 'Internet of Treasures', enriching every facet of our lives. From redefining smart homes, industries, and buildings, we're at the forefront of the IoT revolution. Experience the power of true connectivity and envision a synchronized world.

AI & Cybersecurity

Futurism AI: Pioneering Cybersecurity in the Digital Age

As cybercrime ascends to the forefront of global issues in 2023, stepping up cybersecurity is crucial. Discover how Futurism AI is at the vanguard, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize cybersecurity. Through Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis, our sophisticated algorithms provide early detections of ransomware attacks, allowing swift action to mitigate risks.

Artificial Intelligence

Unleashing The Power of AI with Futurism

Welcome to the new age of business innovation! At Futurism AI, we're not just talking about the future – we're building it. Our suite of AI solutions, spanning from Virtual Assistants to Enterprise Metaverse, are tailored for diverse industries, ensuring you harness the true potential of AI.

Revolutionizing Supply Chain

Futurism AI: Revolutionizing Supply Chain

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, every company grapples with supply chain complexities. Introducing Futurism AI, where we transform the intricate world of supply chains with state-of-the-art AI solutions.

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Next-gen AI Solutions

Futurism AI: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Groundbreaking AI Solutions

Discover how Futurism AI is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning technologies. Delve into how we leverage AI to predict and prevent equipment failures, monitor disease outbreaks, expedite clinical trials, detect fraudulent activity, and pioneer drug development. We're not just keeping pace with the future of healthcare - we're creating it.

Powering Next-Gen Telecom Companies

Futurism AI: Powering Next-Gen Telecom Companies

Dive into our cutting-edge AI solutions designed for the dynamic and fast-paced world of telecom. Discover how telcos can unlock the hidden potential in data using our smart AI solutions for telecom companies. Get ready to experience the transformative power of AI-driven automation that sets the stage for unmatched performance and superior customer satisfaction.

Futurism Smart Energy Saver

Futurism Smart Energy Saver - Smart Step Towards Future

Welcome to the future of energy efficiency with Futurism Smart Energy Saver! Make your home or business more sustainable while reducing your energy costs by up to 50%. Our Smart Energy Saver uses IoT technology for smart control of lighting, temperature, and air conditioning - all accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Join the Future of Digital Transformation

Join the Future of Digital Transformation - We are Hiring!

At Futurism Technologies, we thrive on a culture of learning and growth. We don't just provide jobs, we cultivate careers! You'll be immersed in ground-breaking projects that are revolutionizing the digital transformation landscape.

How a Ransomware Attack Works?

How a Ransomware Attack Works?

Dive deep into the alarming world of Ransomware attacks. Ransomware continues to dominate the threat landscape, with one in 40 companies being hit every week. This video will take you through the step-by-step process of how a Ransomware attack works, detailing each stage from initial campaign through to the dreaded "Pay Day"..

Futurism IoT Services & Solutions

Futurism IoT Services & Solutions - Let's IoTify

Are you prepared to capitalize on the power of IoT? At Futurism Technologies, we've been delivering cutting-edge IoT solutions that scale at the speed of light, helping enterprises thrive in this hyperconnected world. Discover our robust IoT solutions suite, designed to leverage data, AI, edge, and cloud technologies to connect your devices, systems, and people anywhere in the world. With over two decades of experience, Futurism offers unparalleled IoT capabilities in strategy, advisory, design, build, cloud services, digital services, security, and much more. check out this cool video to see why we pronounce IoT as the ‘Internet of Treasures’.

Product Engineering

Futurism Product Engineering: Shaping The Future of Technology

Innovation never sleeps. Product engineering challenges can restrain you from emerging as the next-big name in today’s digital-first economy. Futurism helps you stay ahead of the curve by enabling software development and innovation through its new-age Product Engineering Services that span across every stage of software development life cycle. Futurism has been a trusted digital transformation (DX) partner for over 20 years, working with industry-leading software frameworks, tools and technologies delivered by best-of-breed DX experts and engineers. Breathing life into the brightest of ideas, transforming innovative ideas into market-winning products/solutions and shaping the future of technology with our tested Product Engineering capabilities.

Digital Transformation

Embark on Your Digital Journey with Futurism

Embark on a journey of digital transformation (DX) with Futurism. We are a young and dynamic crew of digital transformation ninjas hell-bent on a mission to create future-ready enterprises through cutting-edge DX solutions. See how we create forward-thinking organizations by helping them realize their digital dreams.

Cyber Security

Futurism's Security Operations Center (SOC)

See how Futurism C-SOC cuts the noise when it comes to identifying and responding to threats in real-time using advanced security frameworks, process, people and technology. Our C-SOC is equipped with certified security engineers and analysts, data scientists, and operations people 24/7 to deliver cutting-edge and next-gen security capabilities with unmatched visibility and control over your data and mission-critical endpoints. Watch the video to see how Futurism’s Security Operations Center is building threat-hunting organizations.

Cyber Security

Futurism Cybersecurity Services

Futurism’s Cybersecurity suite is a full stack of cyber security services designed to offer round-the-clock protection against coming-of-age cyber threats. Backed by IBM Security technology, our cyber security services ensure advance threat protection, endpoint security, insider threat detection and much more offering protection against new age cyber threats including new strands of ransomware, spear-phishing, and sophisticated multi-prong attacks. We enable our customers to be proactive and threat hunting organizations in today’s overwhelming digital-first age.

Cyber Security

Futurism Endpoint Security Solution

The steep rise in the number of attacks on mobile and connected devices each year is a red flag for businesses across the world. Endpoint security has become a need of the hour. Cybercriminals see a feast of opportunities in today’s digital and mobile –first era. This is where Futurism EndPoint Secure comes into action. EndPoint Secure is a unified endpoint security service that offers full protection across all mobile device types, connected IoT devices, endpoints and operating systems. With EndPoint Secure, companies don’t have to worry about endpoint protection and hiring as well as maintaining the skills and resources for the same, as Futurism EndPoint Secure does it for you, all in a cost-efficient manner.

Cyber Security

AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference

Futurism takes great pride in co-sponsoring the 35th Annual AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference 2022 to be held in Phoenix, AZ. Futurism can help rural hospitals bolster their cybersecurity posture by providing them with the right layers of protection and resources across entire threat landscape, all for less than the cost of point products and expensive resources minus the need to hire any additional staff.

Cyber Security

Rural Health Care Leadership Conference 2022 by AHA

Futurism is coming to AHA’s Rural Health Care Leadership Conference Round table to empower rural health care leaders with all-things cybersecurity. We continue to extend our support to help rural healthcare sector accelerate the shift towards a more secured and sustainable health system.

Cyber Security

The AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference 2022

Futurism can help rural hospitals bolster their cybersecurity posture by providing them with the right layers of protection and resources across entire threat landscape, all for less than the cost of point products and expensive resources minus the need to hire any additional staff. Visit our booth at the AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference to learn how we help rural health care providers and small specialty clinics leverage the power of best-of-breed security tech (IBM Watson Advanced Threat Intelligence) in an affordable and cost-iterative manner.

Cyber Security

Futurism Cyber Security #Shorts

Futurism’s Cybersecurity suite is a full stack of cyber security services designed to offer round-the-clock protection against coming-of-age cyber threats.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Company - Futurism Technologies

At Futurism, we are dedicated to helping businesses address the hardest DX challenges and live their ambitions - from startups to Fortune 500 companies – we work with all!

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Futurism offers healthcare digital transformation solutions to help build patient-centric, smart and connected healthcare ecosystem. A proud member of the American Hospital Association (AHA), Futurism Technologies is dedicated to assist healthcare providers and organizations leverage the power of digital technology in a cost-efficient manner and help them cut costs while enabling them to streamline critical operations and deliver seamless and personalized care experiences.

Digital Marketing and Branding

Futurism Digital Marketing Success Story

See how we helped a leading industrial supply chain distribution company in the U.S. drive its sales figures by 200% and outperform its competitors with proven digital marketing tactics. Best-of-breed Performance & Digital Marketing experts to drive qualified leads and conversions.

Launch your Digital Career with Futurism

Futurism Digital Marketing Success Story

Join a team of highly empowered digital transformation leaders and experts and be a part of the digital revolution with Futurism Technologies. Experience unparalleled career growth and participate in customized training programs to pivot your digital career on the right foot.

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