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Global retail ecommerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. (Statista, 2017) Ecommerce is not just booming, but it is also witnessing many technological advancements. A lot of surveys suggest that ecommerce is changing its face very rapidly. Customers have become smarter and their preferences are changing. In such fast-paced changes, it is important to make the ecommerce platforms futuristic. Futurism helps you dive into the world of ecommerce where customers are at the center and technology at its best.

ServicesProtect your data before a catastrophic cyber event

ERP Integration

Advisory for your retail turnaround story. ERP integration lets you strengthen your business. EPR integration also supports the inventory management process by optimizing the inventory. The system handles backend data, such as:

  • Customer information

  • Purchase history

  • Accounting information

  • Billing details

  • Shipping details

  • Supply chain management details

  • Financial data

Visual/UX Design

    With the help of Visual/UX Designs we create interactive interface of your retail app. We create mapped and relevant visual design as per your brand and product. We also embed the shopping flow while creating the UX design. The shopping flow includes following steps:

  • Discovery of the product on internet

  • Product search and browse on your website

  • Product page description

  • Cart

  • Checkout

  • Confirmation

Data Analytics

    Data analytics help you bridge the gap between intelligence and action. Data insights complement your strategy and decision making. With data analytics, we:

  • Help you evolve in your decision making

  • Recommend systems and advanced technologies

  • Parallelize the processes

  • Churn out the big data

Omnichannel retail

    Omnichannel retail is the future of ecommerce and Futurism helps you create it. We design omnichannel marketing strategies for your business that increase the connectivity across your retail ops channel. With omnichannel retail, you achieve:

  • Better connection with your customers

  • Increase in foot-fall

  • Increase in sales

  • Uniform customer experience

  • Be a part of digital era

Marketing strategy consultation

    We not only create an online presence for your store; but we also design the marketing strategy to increase your sales. Futurism increases the buzz of your online store with the help of planned campaigns that eye better engagement. Some of the services we offer are as follows:

  • Determining the sales cycles

  • Designing an easy checkout process

  • Creating SEO optimized and key-word enriched product description

  • Making strategies to retain customers

  • Email marketing

SEO optimization and product description

    Product description is one of the most important factors in an ecommerce website. A proper and appealing description of the product encourages customers to buy those products. We create:

  • Engaging product description

  • Include important details about the product that will catch customers’ attention

  • Embed keywords that are searchable to customers and search engines alike

The ImpactMake your brand stand out with technological advancements and better customer experience

Our Value PropositionMaking your global presence stronger

Case StudiesA deeper look into our impact

How Our Client’s Sales Revenue Raise By 74% Through Enhanced Web Traffic



How Our Client’s Sales Revenue Raise By 74% Through Enhanced Web Traffic

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Hard-To-Believe Growth Story of Our Client’s E-Commerce Store

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How Our Secret Sauce Achieved 70% Growth in Organic Search Traffic & Revenue

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