How Our Client’s Sales Revenue Raise By 74% Through Enhanced Web Traffic


Executive Summary

Known for providing the complete solution for water filtration treatment for the last 35 years, the client is one of the leading suppliers of chemical feed systems, wastewater and water treatment appliances. A leading name in the water treatment business, it is providing quality water treatment chemicals, services and machines used for cooling towers, steam boilers and closed recirculation loops found in the commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Client Challenges

The client was having an e-commerce website with low organic traffic and sales. Even after having a slew of products on the website, it was not performing well on the organic search. The real culprit was the flawed user experience on products pages. Almost 30% of the images on visible products were “not found” and came across as empty places. Similarly, most of the website’s content was copied from a different website. Consequently, despite spending millions of dollars on a paid campaign, the client ended up losing on sales.

Client Objectives:

  • To have better site navigation
  • Reflect more product information
  • Should have excellent SEO practices in place
  • Palpable increase in web traffic and web sales
  • Should have better information about services

Our Solutions

  • Created and updated content based on different phases.
  • Developed PDFs for many product pages that drive great web traffic on our client’s website.
  • Created content on Category and Sub-category pages for better organic presence.
  • We optimized and updated new images on product pages where there was none.
  • We worked deeply on SEO to optimize the Meta tags for all the pages and created quality backlinks for the website.
  • We optimized the paid campaign, which reduced the cost by 75% and improved the sales.
  • Impression shares of the products rose from 19% to 35%.
  • We also redesigned a new website for better looks and user flow.

Tools Used

  • Google Merchant Account
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads Manager
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Google Ads Remarketing
  • Copy Scape
  • In-house Reporting Tool (Futurism Commerce)

Outcome from Futurism’s Work

Organic Traffic Increased by 92%.

Pageviews increased by 48%.

Mobile Traffic increased by 152%

New Users increased by 55%

Returning Users increased by 148%

Sales Amount has increased by 75%

Quantifiable Benefits

Type April, 17 August, 18 YOY Improvement
Total Session 5,467 9,565 +74.96%
Organic Traffic 2,076 3,982 +91.81%
Total Conversion 137 382 +178.83%
Sales Amount 40,318 70,455 +74.75%
Page views 18,022 26735 +48.35%
Desktop Traffic 3,909 5,723 +46.41%
Mobile Traffic 1,327 3,342 +151.85%
New Users 3,034 6,672 +119.91%
Type April, 17 August, 18 YOY Improvement
Returning Users 1,104 2,893 +162.05%
Paid Clicks 1,823 3,745 +105.43%
Paid Impression 182784 422638 +131.22%
Paid Conversion 24 154 +541.67%
Paid Cost Spent $1,507.53 $1,320.33 +12.42%
Users 4,424 7,037 +59.06%
Organic Avg. Session Duration 0:03:02 0:03:23 +11.54%

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