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Application delivery has transformed from large-scale and project-oriented deployment to a continuous evolution. DevOps serves as the catalyst for this transformation by unifying development, business, and operations teams, and employing automated DevOps procedures to enhance IT efficiency.
In today’s digitally driven landscape, the ability to roll out advanced business capabilities has become the need of the hour. Futurism’s DevOps services can propel you towards this goal.


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Improved Agility

Futurism Industry-Leading
DevOps Services

Futurism DevOps combines development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) bringing together a perfect intersection of people, process, and technology when it comes to application planning, development, delivery, and operations. Our DevOps capabilities unlock vital coordination and collaboration between formerly siloed roles like development, IT operations, quality engineering, and security.
Our teams adopt best-in-class DevOps culture, practices, and tools to build future-proof applications that respond better to customer needs and achieve business goals faster. We at Futurism automate end-to-end delivery pipeline across cloud platforms for faster time to market, increased efficiency and reduced cost.
Our DevOps solutions help organizations to align with the goals, rapidly and reliably, producing high-quality software-based products and services. Attain your business goals by developing applications at the pace of business with our comprehensive DevOps services.

Futurism DevOps Services: Value-Added Benefits


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

CI/CD is a set of practices that automate the process of building, testing, and deploying software.


Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

IaC is the practice of managing infrastructure (e.g., servers, networks, storage) using code.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a way to deliver computing resources (e.g., servers, storage, networking) on demand.


Improve Collaboration

Improve collaboration between development, operations, and security teams.



DevOps security is the practice of integrating end-to-end security into the DevOps lifecycle right from inception to deployment.



DevOps compliance is the practice of ensuring that DevOps practices meet regulatory requirements.

Our DevOps Services PortfolioCloud Infrastructure Services for DevOps

At Futurism Technologies, we leverage the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of our comprehensive DevOps services. AWS brings to the table an expansive array of cloud infrastructure solutions, from computing and storage capabilities to networking, databases, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, AWS provides a host of services tailor-made for DevOps implementations.
Our AWS DevOps expertise extends to following DevOps-centric services:

  • CodePipeline for continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • CodeBuild for compiling source code and running tests
  • CodeDeploy for automating software deployments
  • These tools help us streamline your development process, enhance productivity, and speed up your time to market.

DevOps Implementation Services

Our DevOps Cloud Suite

Cloud Infrastructure Services

  • Streamline your infrastructure automation with tools like Terraform and automate your DevOps CI/CD pipelines.
  • Manage configuration, provisioning and scaling using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform.
  • Improve efficiency on the cloud, gain complete visibility into your hybrid or multi-cloud environments.
  • Resilient infrastructure, real-time analytics, efficient resource management, reinforced security, and stronger performance.

DevOps Implementation Services

  • Leverage our DevOps expertise to accelerate product launches with streamlined software delivery and hands-on help throughout the development and everyday operation of business applications.
  • Apply our proven automated workflows for Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing (CT), and Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines.
  • Our DevOps tech stack takes the load off your team by efficient rollout of new services. DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Consulting Services

  • Accelerate your cloud operations and workloads by minimizing costs, increase efficiency and speed up the release management cycle with our DevOps workflows.
  • We employ best DevOps practices that accelerate your IT services and department.
  • We believe in a culture of Everything as Code for faster and reliable deployments.

App Containerization Services

  • Containerization has measurable benefits for both developers and IT operations when it comes to creating and deploying applications swiftly and securely.
  • Our expert team consults, configures, and orchestrates containerization of applications though popular technologies like Kubernetes for lightweight, flexible, agile application development, monitoring, and maintenance.

DevSecOps Implementation and Security Management Services

  • DevSecOps expands the typical DevOps mindset. It integrates robust security practices into each phase of DevOps. It establishes a Security as Code culture that facilitates flexibility in terms of collaboration between an organization’s security teams and release engineers.
  • End-to-end DevSecOps consulting Service covering testing guidelines, secure coding standards, rules to avoid unsafe encryption and APIs, static or dynamic analysis instructions, and much more.
  • Enabling security teams to exert influence and improve the security of applications within current CI/CD pipelines.

Release Management and 24/7 DevOps Support

  • We employ effective and proven release management process and policies for successful, reliable, and fast deployments.
  • Our DevOps teams work 24/7 and 365 days on rotational basis to ensure smooth function of the production workloads.
  • Our custom designed DevOps principles and policies have enabled multiple clients with high efficiency IT services at a fraction of cost.

Our DevOps Tools
Stack & Tech Partnerships

Our DevOps experts showcase deep expertise and experience working with best-of-the-breed DevOps automation tools and platforms such as Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud (AWS), Gitlab and more.

Why Futurism DevOps?

  • World-class support: 24/7 support, on-site support and training for our team.
  • High-speed service delivery through accelerated software deployment.
  • Enhanced efficiencies through DevOps automation with fine-grain analytics.
  • Flexible DevOps delivery models: On-shore, Off-shore or Near-shore
  • Top-quality output through industry best practices in Agile DevOps
  • Immediate project kick-offs with a scalable team of certified engineers in all major cloud platforms

Futurism DevOps Approach

Increase Speed and Agility

Deliver software faster with reduced time to market.

Improve Quality and Reliability

Improve the quality and reliability of your software releases.

Reduce Costs

Reduce the costs associated with software development and maintenance.

Improve Collaboration

Improve collaboration between development, operations, and security teams.

Increase Visibility

Gain better visibility into your software development and delivery processes.

Improve Compliance

Ensure regulatory requirements.

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