Futurism EndPoint Secure

Futurism EndPoint Secure is a Unified Endpoint Managed Security service to help clients get mobile devices under control and reduce the risk of data breaches

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Employees and contractors are accessing critical corporate data with multiple mobile devices that are not controlled by the IT department. Mobile devices are a primary target for hackers and malware, exposing company data. To reduce the risk, corporate IT needs to control and secure these devices. In addition, transient workers such as contractors bring their own devices (BYOD) and connect to the corporate network without sufficient control.

With Futurism EndPoint Secure managed service, Futurism controls and secures all company endpoints, including the mobile devices that jeopardize the integrity of their corporate data. Companies don’t need to hire the resources to manage endpoints but instead can rely on Futurism to do that for them.

In many companies, the IT department does not control the growing number of mobile devices that access critical business applications and data. Security vulnerabilities for mobile devices also continues to grow increasing the risk for a data breach. With Futurism EndPoint Secure managed service, Futurism protects and controls mobile devices for IT, reducing the risk of data breaches.


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