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Deploying advanced digital solutions can help save up to 65% in Energy Use!

To achieve sustainable and competitive energy supply, it’s necessary to have intelligent grids and energy systems, advanced technologies for renewable energy, and innovative energy storage solutions. Futurism Technologies provides the energy industry with access to cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions that can lead to a resilient and greenhouse gas-neutral industry, contributing to sustainable energy and fight against climate change.

Futurism provides digital solutions that utilize advanced technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), smart data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many others to support renewable energy companies in their digital transformation journey. By implementing a robust digital transformation framework, we assist in building digital capabilities and redesigning business processes, enabling energy companies to make informed decisions, reduce costs, improve asset lifespan, and optimize asset output using valuable data insights. Our digital transformation services for energy sector aim to provide energy firms with a connected experience helping them achieve long-term benefits.


Futurism Digital Energy Solutions & Offerings Our digital transformation framework with connected assets, connected workforce, and optimized maintenance and operations - offers energy companies greater returns on investments and business value.

Remote Asset Monitoring/ Connected Assets

Condition monitoring of assets in energy and utilities’ facilities can be challenging and sometimes inaccessible due to the discreet locations of the assets. However, by utilizing sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, equipment and assets can exchange data with minimal human intervention. This enables monitoring of turbine parameters, such as rotor speed or nacelle position, for offshore wind farms without the need for physical visits.

Futurism offers IoT-enabled tracking solutions to energy companies that monitor and calibrate various assets, such as turbines, panels, heat pumps, and valves, to capture the optimal amount of radiation throughout the day. By leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics, we enable clients to remotely connect and control their wind and solar farm assets from a centralized location. Our use cases for connected assets in the renewable energy sector include digital wind farms, digital solar farms, digital energy storage, and asset geotagging.

Connected Workforce

A connected workforce is essential for the smooth operation of any plant, including those in the renewable energy sector. Futurism offers solutions that provide intelligence to employees involved in generating and processing clean energy, regardless of their location, enabling them to work safely and efficiently.

We utilize the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and Metaverse, and wearable devices to help renewable energy generation, transmission, and distribution plants with employee deployment, training, guidance, task completion, and more. Our connected workforce use cases for the renewable energy sector include workforce safety, AR/VR assistance, route optimization, and work order management apps.

Intelligent & Optimized Maintenance

Connecting all machines to a central monitoring unit to enhance the efficiency of maintenance management. From a single system, schedule maintenance tasks, track work orders (both internal and external), and record asset history. The centralized system also ensures a single version of truth for audits and certifications.

Futurism offers a centralized approach to managing assets throughout their lifecycle, helping clients in the energy sector to monitor equipment parts in real-time, identify failing machinery or parts in advance, and rectify them with minimal disruption to business operations. Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology enables clients to make informed decisions regarding suppliers. Our optimized maintenance use cases for the renewable energy sector include work order management, predictive maintenance, asset management, and supplier analytics.

Optimized Operations

Futurism empowers renewable energy generation companies to track and control their assets and crew, predict potential equipment failure, manage work orders, balance energy supply and demand, allocate repair work, monitor employee well-being, and more.

Our solutions help operators to establish well-configured, high-performance alarm systems, enabling them to handle abnormal situations effectively. With our intelligent systems and insightful dashboards, we enable unified operations, providing decision makers with greater visibility into plant operations, improved worker productivity, enhanced asset performance, and reduced maintenance costs. Our optimized operations use cases for the renewable energy sector include fleet monitoring, digital twin, alarm rationalization, and demand forecasting.

Data Analytics/Visualization & Mobility

Real-time relay of data recorded by sensors allows for prompt corrective measures to be taken, where and when necessary. Timely interventions significantly decrease the occurrences of surprise incidents and unplanned downtimes. Real-time measurements also assist in regulating machine utilization and output with intelligent Data Analytics.

Integration of mobile apps with the digital cloud ecosystem provides easy access to data at your fingertips. Custom-developed applications allow you to retrieve machine or energy-related data from any location, even while on the move. Technicians can update task progress while on site, and you can monitor energy production from anywhere.

Smart Cities

The majority of CO2 emissions are attributed to cities, with over half of the world's population residing in urban areas. Cities account for 78% of the world's energy consumption and contribute to over 70% of all CO2 emissions.

Futurism is dedicated to making cities smart – creating system efficiency for sustainable and low CO2 future. Futurism utilizes life cycle engineering and data analytics to identify the most effective technologies in the energy, buildings, and transport sectors for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving air quality. Our DX experts assess the performance of multiple technologies and create a list of the most cost-effective solutions, helping cities meet their environmental targets.

Lean Manufacturing

Our digitalization solutions can enhance the intelligence and sustainability of a manufacturing facility by improving the collection and utilization of data, optimizing energy consumption, and managing resources more efficiently. Real-time data collection enabled through our digital energy solutions can identify issues that cause waste or unnecessary energy loss.

Our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) manufacturing and smart factory solutions are easily scalable have the potential to make manufacturing processes more intelligent, reliable, and sustainable, thereby contributing towards decarbonization goals.

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Web Technologies Migration to a PaaS Platform for a Global Energy Distribution Company

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