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Protect your data from advanced threats with the leaders in Data Protection

Futurism Technologies is a leading IBM Global Security Solutions Partner helping businesses embrace industry-leading IBM security technology and solutions with its proprietary and licensing cybersecurity offering, ‘Futurism Data-Protect Services’, a fully-managed data protection services powered by IBM Guardium. Futurism Data-Protect Services offer comprehensive data protection for the most critical enterprise data using a zero-trust security approach.

Futurism Data-Protect is a powerful data-centric cybersecurity service offering that not only offers comprehensive data protection for your business, but also offers centralized visibility and monitoring to track and identify unauthorized access, data theft or unauthorized exposure across your entire enterprise data landscape.

‘Futurism Data-Protect Services’ powered by IBM Guardium leverages a zero-trust approach to data security using the right layers of data security expertise and resources to help businesses eliminate threats before they show up.


$5.04 million

The average cost of a breach for those without zero trust deployed.


Organizations lack data protection and incident response plan.

$4.62 million

Average total cost of a data breach or attack.

Futurism – IBM Edge

Data is the new oil and unarguably the most important asset to an organization and needs to be protected at all costs. ‘Futurism Data-Protect’ Services is a fully managed data protection and monitoring service that utilizes a Zero Trust approach to help businesses protect their most critical data in the most cost-efficient manner defending them against coming-of-age data threats.

  • Monitor all user and data activities
  • Identify and uncover internal and external risks
  • Enforce security policies in real-time
  • Create a repository for all enterprise data
  • Discover and classify sensitive data irrespective of where its stored; on-premise or in the cloud
  • Strengthen your infrastructure with continuous vulnerability checks and scans
  • Accelerate compliance and security audits and workflows
  • Improved security strategy and maturity across people, process & tech
  • Accelerate compliance workflows and security audits
  • Data protection while migrating from legacy to modernized data centers
  • Improved visibility across traditional and modern environments
  • Improved security strategy and maturity across people, process & tech
  • Data loss prevention & security monitoring and governance
  • Advanced data threat analytics (IBM Guardium) and risk scoring and faster remediation and threat response

Why Futurism Data-Protect Services?

Zero trust approach

‘Futurism Data-Protect Services’ powered by IBM Guardium supports a zero trust approach to data security. Discover and classify sensitive data from across the organization and achieve real-time data security intel and advanced user behavior analytics.

Proven data protection expertise

Get the most out of IBM Guardium. Automate compliance and auditing/reporting while being in full control of who can access your most sensitive data. Flexible engagement and licensing service models. Global presence with offices in the USA, Europe, APAC, Australia and Middle East.

Proprietary and licensing IBM Security Solution

Futurism Data-Protect is a fully managed and proprietary data protection service offering powered by IBM Guardium to offer full visibility into unstructured, semi-structured and structured data activities across all key data repositories including public cloud, in private, containers and on-premise.

Futurism Data-Protect Services - What you get?

Futurism Data-Protect Services suite powered by IBM Guardium is a part of a comprehensive portfolio of fully managed data security offering. Futurism partners with IBM to help enterprises become threat-hunting organizations in today’s fast evolving threat landscape. Futurism Data-Protect Service is a robust data-driven cybersecurity service offering that offers comprehensive data protection, centralized monitoring and visibility against unauthorized access, data theft or exposure across your enterprise data landscape.

Data Discovery

Discover and classify sensitive and most critical data across on-premise and multi-cloud environments.

  • Automatically discover critical databases or import data assets in real-time.
  • Define as well as map mission-critical business applications to their data sources.
  • Leverage hundreds of data discovery patterns to identify regulated data sets in your environment.

Round-the-clock Threat Response

Monitor user activities and respond to data threats in real time across your entire enterprise data landscape.

  • Get round-the-clock data monitoring, management and threat response to advanced security threats and risks.
  • Quickly respond to suspicious user activities/patterns and external data threats by quarantining or blocking suspicious users/activities or access requests in real-time
  • Initiate threat remediation of security loopholes or gaps by integrating with security workflows to close loops


Simplified security audits and compliance workflows. Centralized visibility across cloud environments and robust threat monitoring to help with seamless reporting and audits in real-time.

  • Enforce data compliance and protection policies across multi or hybrid cloud environments
  • Round-the-clock monitoring to help with compliance needs
  • Automate data tracking and reporting for regulatory compliances with pre-built templates
  • Seamless policy management
  • Track compliances from a single interface
  • Accelerate audit activities through a fine-grained audit trail

Intelligent Data Protection

Protect your most sensitive data assets with intelligent data activity monitoring using the power of IBM Guardium.

  • Secure your data irrespective of where it is stored
  • Scalable data protection service offering with a tiered and flexible approach including seamless self-monitoring and load balancing
  • Equal protection to all key data sources located on hybrid multi-cloud environments or on-premises.
  • Rule-based data policies to monitor, report and log unauthorized data access
  • Customize or use predefined data policy templates to meet your security compliance or audit requirements

Advanced & Active Data Threat Analytics

Analyze and strengthen your environments for data vulnerabilities using IBM Guardium.

  • Proactively scan for data vulnerabilities across heterogeneous data environments and platforms using 3000+ assessments
  • Investigate user-risk details to identify the ‘who’, ‘when’, ‘where’, and ‘what’ of incident with advanced threat analytics
  • Fully homomorphic data encryption services
  • Encrypt sensitive data while analyzing the same in cloud or third-party data environments
  • Analyze mission-critical enterprise applications
  • Improve data security leveraging IBM Guardium’s advanced analytics to identify unusual data access activities and patterns
  • Leverage outlier detection analytics to detect anomalous patterns or behavior
  • Leverage IBM Guardium’s Active Threat Analytics to identify potential security breach loopholes. Investigate cases and deploy actions on individual threat cases.

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Next-gen cybersecurity solutions from the #1 IBM Global Security Solutions Partner

Futurism Technologies is a leading IBM Global Security Solutions Partner assisting enterprises of all sizes and domains across the world to embrace market-leading IBM security technology with its zero-trust approach based proprietary and licensing cybersecurity solutions. ‘Futurism Data-Protect Services’ powered by IBM Guardium is a fully managed data protection and security services that leverages zero-trust approach to automate data compliance and reporting, discover and secure sensitive and most critical data in real time.

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A powerful line of cyber defense in the age of advanced and sophisticated threats.

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A powerful line of cyber defense in the age of advanced and sophisticated threats.

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A powerful line of cyber defense in the age of advanced and sophisticated threats.


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