Futurism Web Security

Stop web threats before they reach your network with the best-in-class web security services.

Did you know?
The ‘web’ is used in more than 90% of malware attacks affecting over 18 million websites at a given time each week.

It’s not difficult to see why web security and visibility are essential. Futurism’s Web Security services offer protection against a broad range of malicious web activities, blocks business-inapt websites/URLs and helps reduce shadow IT risks caused by web threats.

Get the ultimate in web security, insights and control with Futurism’s Web Security. Get affordable and effective web protection that allows you to upgrade your cyber resilience strategy while reducing the burden on your IT and security admins.


Futurism Web Security Futurism web security services is a powerful line of defense against modern day web and cyber threats while empowering organizations with better control over data.

Proactive Web Defense

    Develop efficient cyber resilience with our proactive web security services.

  • Blocks click attempts on websites containing malware

  • Block websites that deliver malware phishing attacks or malware

  • Inspect file and content downloads from suspicious websites

  • SSL inspection, URL categorization and static file analysis

  • Contain or quarantine compromised devices

Threat Intelligence

    Stop web threats before they reach your endpoints or network with our website security services.

  • Identify web threats using advanced threat intel (powered by deep learning)

  • Threat-meter

  • Multiple threat modeling techniques

  • Detailed threat reporting

Enforce Acceptable Web Use

    Enforce an acceptable web use policy by setting out clear internet usage expectations for each user in your network with our web security as a service offering.

  • Enforce acceptable web use policies to curb legal, security and compliance risks

  • Apply granular level web category selections to ensure web use policy compliances

  • Selectively apply policy to entire networks, groups, everyone and specific users

Remote Protection

    Keep your remote networks with safe with remote monitoring and web security services from Futurism. Control user access and prevent possible network breaches in real-time.

  • Strong security and control over all your remote devices both on and off the network

  • Target policies to specific users irrespective of their location or device

  • Ensure minimal latency and high device performance for your remote devices

  • Remote filtering

Mitigate Shadow IT

    Help your IT managers in keeping your organization’s security posture intact with our web security services.

  • Monitor which apps are being used, by whom and how often

  • Block specific web apps or monitor apps

  • Selectively manage app use for groups as well as individuals

  • Block guest network users from accessing inappropriate or malicious sites

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