Futurism Managed Email Security

Protect your business from a wide range of email-borne threats.

Did you know?
91% of cyber attacks begin with spear phishing email!

Today’s email threats move at rocket speed and businesses need intelligent and predictive email security solutions to tackle these threats and provide up-to-the-minute protection with an eye on tomorrow. Futurism’s managed security solutions offer comprehensive email protection to detect various attack vectors, suspicious payloads containing threats, unwanted applications and much more.

Traditional email security solutions and tools just can’t keep up with evolving email threats! Businesses need advanced managed email security service provider to protect sensitive information and their people from unwanted and malicious threats today as well as tomorrow.


Futurism Email Protection Get optimum protection against malware and high-level threats including new strands of Spear-Phishing and Ransomware.

Email Protection

    Futurism’s managed email security services protect employee communication and mitigates the risks with advanced and targeted threat protection, data leak prevention and robust email security controls.

  • Reputation checks

  • Protection from spear phishing attacks

  • Protection against impersonation attacks

  • Protection from internal email threats

  • Sender authentications

  • Header anomalies

  • Anti-spam and antivirus

Advanced Threat Protection

    Futurism email security solutions deliver advanced Ransomware protection and security awareness training.

  • Time-of-click URL protection

  • Stop Ransomware

  • Block master boot records and exe malware

  • Enhanced behavioral detection and analysis

  • Impersonation protection and attack replays

  • Synchronize email security

  • Compromised mailbox detection and isolation

  • Targeted email security awareness training

Phishing Protection

    Get round the clock protection from mass phishing and spear-phishing attacks and threat actors with our managed email security services.

  • Block/quarantine malicious/suspicious phishing mails

  • Real-time malicious URL detection and sandboxing

  • Remediate compromised mailboxes

  • Endpoint device scan and encryption

  • Protection against mass phishing campaigns

Email continuity

    Our secure email services for business lets you a build a strong line of defense from email-borne threats thus, allowing you to respond to threats faster and better with zero downtime.

  • Automated alerts

  • Email queuing

  • Emergency inbox (read)

  • Automated mailbox syncing

  • Automated failover and immediate failback

  • Automatic synchronization of mailboxes after an outage

Information Protection

    Futurism email security solutions help organizations defend against evolving email-borne threats ensuring optimum business continuity and compliance. Data security, email encryption and comprehensive information protection.

  • Content control and data loss prevention

  • Detect hidden malware

  • Block stealth attacks

  • Detect PII, confidential, health and financial data

  • Strong encryption and rights management

  • Multilayer protection

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